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Flavio Maluf Implements Modernization at Eucatex

Flavio Maluf Implements Modernization at Eucatex


Maluf began his career in the trade area of Eucatex. After years of experience, he transitioned to the industrial area until 1996. In the same year, he was asked to join the executive department of Eucatex. His strong contribution to Eucatex led to his chairman role at Eucatex where he is now the leader. Maluf focuses on innovation while heavily investing in the establishment of new products in Eucatex. Apart from being a mechanical engineer, Flavio Maluf is an entrepreneur. He graduated from FAAP. The world jeers Mr. Flavio Maluf for his excellent leadership skills in Eucatex, where he has been the Chief Executive Officer since 29th April 2005. Eucatex has branches in South Africa, Quimica, and Engnharia with Maluf serving as the head in all the branches. Before joining Eucatex, Maluf was employed by Sistema South Africa, Corretora de Titulos and Citibank in New York. Flavio is also the President of GrandFood Group. Although Eucatex is successful as a company, it took Maluf a lot of sacrifice and determination to get the company where it is.

Contribution at Eucatex

After taking up the chairmanship of Eucatex, Flavio started implementing modernization bearing in mind the company’s management layout. Flavio has an aggressive business profile which commits to the perfection and success of Eucatex. Flavio is an executive who utilizes all workable strategies towards the success of the firm. He takes career chances when opportunities arise to develop Eucatex to the next level. The company has an addition factory in Botucatu

History of Eucatex

Eucatex began in 951.  It employs the use of eucalyptus in the production plates and panels. The first plant of Eucatex was Chapas Unit. It was inaugurated in 1954, Salto, located in Sao Paulo. That is how Eucatex began its production through manufacturing acoustic linings including soft sheets made from wood fibers. Eucatex later started to produce insulation and acoustic sheets. The company’s business vastly evolved into a massive venture by meeting the demands of clients who manufacture furniture.