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All You Need to Know About Rodrigo Terpins – Brazil Rally Sports Champion

All You Need to Know About Rodrigo Terpins – Brazil Rally Sports Champion

Born in a sporting family, Rodrigo Terpins is a successful rally driver from Brazil. His father, Jack Terpins, is a decorated basketball player and president of Maccabi Latin American Confederation. His younger brother, Michel Terpins, is also a skilled rally driver. Rodrigo is a businessman, an active member of Bull Sertoes rally team which also includes his brother and serves as the director of T5 Participacoes.

Rodrigo’s passion of rallying started at a tender age, and the excellence of his father in sports pushed him into pursuing racing as a career. His success has made him a household name in his country by gracing the off-road championships and his agility to trounce his competitors like a routine. At the age of 44, Rodrigo and his teammate successfully completed the 22nd edition of Sertoes rally, which stretched across 2 states and considered to be the largest off-road race. The race was designed to test driver’s physical and mental agility as well as dynamics, and he ranked 8th out of 38 competitors. He also won the 24th edition of the race ranking at 5th in overall standings.

Apart from racing, Rodrigo Terpins also advocates for other causes and interests including arts, children, science and technology. Having worked in several fields prior to joining rallying, he has developed a capability to blend personal objectives and the community needs. His consistency and determination for success serves as a driving force that aspiring drivers look up to.

Rodrigo Terpins has often been quoted testifying how he uses his past rallies to inspire him become more successful. Rodrigo says that rally racing requires several skills to handle the rough terrains, veer through dirt roads and without slowing down, navigate courses. In addition to physical endurance, a driver must also know about racing mechanics. An experienced driver must always find a way to overcome all barriers in order to be a champion in rally sports. And that is what makes motorsport more exciting according to him. You can visit Vimeo to see more videos.


Ted Bauman and his Low-risk Investment Strategies

Ted Bauman and his Low-risk Investment Strategies

     Ted Bauman is credited for various roles in his life, and his knowledge and expertise have helped him to become an editor, investment-strategist, fund manager, consultant on housing and urban planning, and more. He traveled across all the major economies around the world, identified potential opportunities in every country, and specialties of those countries. Due to that reason, Bauman is not interested in doing business and saving all his wealth in one particular country and uses a strategy of not all eggs in one basket. He says that different countries offer different possibilities, and a smart investor should be tapping such opportunities. For instance, he thinks that Costa Rica provides significantly affordable healthcare.

Similarly, Oceanside properties in Uruguay are a highly convenient option for peaceful living. Also, someone who wanted to do the best banking can get the assistance of Switzerland-based banks. Interestingly, Bauman is known for providing detailed information on various investment opportunities and personal solutions to help people. He also publishes a monthly newsletter focusing on smart investment options called The Bauman Letter, which he founded in 2013 by joining hands with Banyan Hill Publishing, a leading investment advisory publication based in Delray Beach, Florida. The publication is a widely accepted and discussed one among the investors and industry experts alike.

Apart from that, Bauman also serves as the editor of Alpha Stock Alert and Plan B Club, which are working to provide advisory tips on asset protection, international migration issues, privacy, and low-risk investment options. A major part of his career, Bauman was helping people to improve their lives and was working away from corporate greed or governmental surveillance. While he was a young man, Bauman shifted to South Africa and completed his graduation from the University of Cape Town in Economics and History. The next 25 years, he collaborated with the nonprofit sector of the country and predominantly served as a fund manager to low-cost housing projects.

Bauman helped to found Slum Dwellers Internationals – a nonprofit group working on urban poor eradication measures – during his South African days. Later, in the 2000s, he started working as a consultant in housing, urban development, and finance for various clients including the United Nations, European grant-making agencies, the World Bank, the government of South Africa, and more. In the year 2008, Ted returned to the United States and started collaborating with Habitat for Humanity International as the Director of different International Housing Programs. He continued with the group until he decided to collaborate with Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013.


Sussex Health Care Provides Ultimate Care

Sussex Health Care Provides Ultimate Care

When the need of a quality health care service arises whether it is for an elderly loved one, or persons with disabilities, families want to be assured that the facility has an A plus rating. The Sussex Health Care facilities offer unmatched services and received accreditation from the Health Quality Service for two consecutive years.

The care and support service centers have been providing the ultimate in quality care for individuals for over twenty five years. After the achievement of the Investors in People standard, also in the year 2003, Sussex Health Care went ahead to obtain the International standard, which made it the only Health Care and Support Center in the United Kingdom to be the recipient of dual accreditation.


Sussex Health Care is a group of homes that provide care for the elderly, persons with disabilities, dementia, and neurological disabilities. They offer a home like atmosphere for their patients, and welcomes the visits and attention from families of the patients that they serve. They are staffed with skilled, certified, and qualified medical personnel and highly trained care givers. Each person, regardless of their disability or illness, receives the same personal care and attention from each staff member on This includes, but not limited to, the social aspect of one’s life, which is an essential part of good health. The Health Care system also recognizes the importance of recreational and leisure time for the many patients that they care for. According to each home provides a program of activities to motivate, stimulate and interest the patients.

For patients who are ambulatory, there are many outside excursions available. They can be taken on outings outside of the facility, and enjoy walks around the facility. Some patients who require the use of a wheel chair can also enjoy these special privileges. Being active helps the patients to maintain their abilities and skills, and allows them to learn new ones. The management team at Sussex Health Care are professional who are experienced in this field. They also operate under the guidelines of their Policy Group. At Sussex Health Care, the goal is to be the largest provider of of quality health and nursing care services in the surrounding areas. The services provided are based on individual needs, and are delivered by the best professional team of doctors, nurses, technicians, and caregivers. Your loved one is in excellent hands with the concerned people at Sussex Health Care facilities.

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National Steel Car is Now Among the Best Thanks to Gregory Aziz

National Steel Car is Now Among the Best Thanks to Gregory Aziz

For the bulk of his career, Gregory James Aziz has been making things better for companies that he works with. This is something he is good at because he is a business person. He knew what he needed to do to make a difference for people he was helping. He also knew the businesses he worked with needed his help because he has done things the right way for many years. Since he was so good at helping companies, he wanted a chance to do something on his own. He felt the need to own a company, so he would be able to truly make a difference for himself while also bringing an old company back to life.

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The opportunity came when he saw the National Steel Car company starting to go under. This company had been in business for years and provided steel cars to companies around North America. It was something that was a good company and had business in Canada, the United States and Mexico. Because of this, Gregory Aziz wanted to make sure he could actually help it and bring it back to life. The business was Canadian as was he, so he felt it was something he would be able to do. Visit This Web Page for more.


After Greg Aziz purchased the steel car company, he immediately started working on bringing it back to where it needed to be. he wanted to make sure it was a successful company, so he put a lot of effort into it. This is what gave him the chance he needed to be successful in every way possible. He felt it was a part of who he was as a business person now since he owned the company. While working tiring hours and using a lot of his own resources, Gregory Aziz often wondered if the company would pay off for him.

The good news came when Gregory J Aziz saw the company become extremely successful. Not only had it been restored back to what it was, but it was even better than what it had been in the past. He created proprietary measures for producing the cars and even did different things to help make sure he was getting the best opportunities possible. Because of this, National Steel Car has continued to grow and is now one of the best companies in the entire rail industry sector of the North American countries of Canada, the United States and Mexico.


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Gregory Aziz’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Gregory Aziz’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Gregory James Aziz was born on April 30, 1949, in London, Ontario. He went to Ridley College then later proceeded to the University of Western Ontario where he studied Economics. Gregory J Aziz is now the current Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of National Steel Car, a Hamilton, Ontario based company that manufactures railroad freight cars.


At a young age of 22 years, Greg Aziz joined Affiliated Foods, a family-owned company whose core business was distribution of fresh foods. Greg Aziz helped the company grow to be a leading importer of fresh foods in Europe and the Americas, distributing to major fresh food markets across the United States and Canada. Get More Info Here.


In 1994, Greg Aziz bought National Steel Car Company from Dofasco from proceeds of investment banking opportunities he had taken advantage of in the late 80s and 90s paid off. One of his goals after purchasing the company was to tap into the unexploited market in an effort to make National Steel Car the leading railroad freight car manufacturer in North America.

Within five years of purchase, the company was able to leverage on its strong engineering expertise, team-work, and also through immense human and capital investment to exponentially grow its manufacturing capacity from 3500 cars per year in 1994 to 12000 cars per year in 1999. Within the same period, the National Steel Car was also able to create more than 2000 jobs.

Today, National Steel Car prides itself as the industry leader in new car innovation, with a building capacity of thousands railroad freight cars per year. They attribute this success to their unrelenting quest of designing, engineering, and manufacturing prowess and also their unwavering determination of staying at the top.


As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility programs, National Steel Car has sponsored several events including Theatre Aquarius and the Hamilton Opera. More works supported by National Steel Car include the United Way and the Salvation Army among other local charities. Each end year during Christmas time, several employees, both former and current, together with their families, attend the Company’s Christmas Party where they also participate in major food drives for the local food banks.


Greg and Irene, (his wife) are also sponsors of The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair which happens to be one of Canada’s most popular agricultural fairs that takes place every November in the City of Toronto where they celebrate the best in agriculture, local food, and equestrian competitions from across the country.