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A Focused Man: Dr. Saad Saad

A Focused Man: Dr. Saad Saad

Dr. Saad Saad always knew that he wanted to be a surgeon from an early age. He knew that he wanted to help children lead the most normal lives as possible. He was born in Palestine and then moved to Kuwait. He then went to the Univesity of Cairo in Egypt and graduated near the top of his class.

The next part of Dr.Saad Sadad’s life saw him travel to England and the move to the United States. He has been in this country for more than forty-five years and performed many pediatric operations. He then became the Surgeon-in-Chief at K Hovnanian Children’s Hospital. He is now a retired man who is enjoying the best of life. In an interview with Ideamensch, Dr. Saad Saad talks about how he brings ideas to life and what makes him stand out in the surgical profession.

One key thing that Dr. Saad Saad says that people need to do to bring a new idea to life is research as much as you can. He says it is the most important part of the process because that is what leads to a result. If the result is positive then the idea can move forward. If it is not then a new idea should take the place of the previous one and the research process can start again.

One thing that Dr. Saad Saad makes sure to do when he worked in the hospital was to stay organized. If he had a surgery to do during the day he would make absolutely sure that he went over the patient’s medical history several times in order to make sure that the procedure is the correct one for the patient. After the procedure is checked and approved he would then make sure to go through the process of the procedure multiple times to makes sure that there is the smallest chance of error. This is how he instills confidence in those who work with him.

A couple of things that Dr. Saad Saad did before he began a procedure is to get a good night’s sleep and eat a proper breakfast before the procedure begins. This way he can stay focused on what he has to do when he is in the operating room.

That is the life of surgeon Saad Saad. His career has been focused on helping kids. That is why he became a surgeon. Learn more:


Matt Badiali Investment Strategies are Beneficial to Americans

Matt Badiali Investment Strategies are Beneficial to Americans

hen Matt Badiali was enrolling for a degree at the university, he didn’t plan to graduate and become an investment expert. The businessman greatest passion was science, and he wanted to maintain his career in this field. Badiali first course was focusing on earth science, and it gave him more motivation to dig deeper and acquire more knowledge. Badiali’s second degree was in geology, and laid the foundation of a successful career in the investment world. Just when he was graduating from the degree in Geology, Matt Badiali met an individual who changed his career path. Up to date, the businessman has never regretted going for this degree from one of the leading institutions in the world. His career changed from science to financial securities, and he has never looked back. When Matt Badiali looks at how far he has come in the tight markets, he is happy that he chose to change his career path. Although he is now focusing on investments, the businessman uses the knowledge he has in science to make his strategies more profitable.

Badiali grew up in an ordinary home setting. His parents just like all middle-class citizens were struggling to make their investments successful. When his friends advised Matt Badiali to change his skills in science to finance, he did not hesitate. The businessman had a bad experience when he was a young man. Matt would watch his parents struggle to make sure that the markets they were investing in were profitable. The businessman decided that people in the American society will not suffer in the future because he was going to assist them. His decision has impacted the lives of so many Americans in the world. Investors, especially those with a background in science have understood that the metal department can be profitable even in the modern setting. Learn more about Matt Badiali at Crunchbase

Matt Badiali is a top editor who is currently working with an institution called Banyan Hill. After changing his career from science to finance, the businessman acquired some skills in finances, and he joined the company so that he could write his publications to readers in the international community. Matt Badiali is a very happy professional because his publications have been received in the market well, and they have been used by people who are planning to become successful in the complicated times. Badiali has never regretted the decision he made many years ago. Matt Badiali is a role model to many investors. Read more:


Michael Lacey: Mentor of Future Professors

Michael Lacey: Mentor of Future Professors

Full Professor and Associate Chair for Faculty at the Georgia Institute of Technology’s School of Mathematics, Michael Lacey, is known for his research and mentoring as well as his teaching. When he began mentoring undergraduate students who had plans to go to graduate school, there was no structure in which to do this. Read more:

With his efforts and participation, he has encouraged other members of the faculty to mentor undergraduates. Throughout the years he has mentored ten post-doctoral students and dozens of other students. His mentoring of Assistant Professors earned him the Georgia Tech NSF-ADVANCE award for mentorship in 2012.

Michael Lacey has given presentations on mathematics to institutions around the world. Some of these countries include Australia, Austria, France, Spain, and Germany. In 2008 he was offered a Fellowship out of Buenos Aires, Argentina. This was a three-month research and teaching award called the Fulbright Fellowship. In 1998, Lacey had the honor of delivering a 45-minute address to the International Congress of Mathematicians in Germany.

Born on September 26, 1959, Michael Lacey earned a Bachelors of Science from the University of Texas at Austin. After earning his bachelors in 1981, he continued his education at the University of Illinois at Urbana and earned his Ph.D. in Mathematics in the year 1987. His thesis was on Banach spaces, which is a completely normed vector space. Mathematician Walter Philipp mentored Lacey through his doctorates.

Previous to Georgia Tech, Lacey taught at Indiana University at Bloomington from 1989 to 1996. He maintained the position of Assistant Professor during his time at Indiana University. In the 2 years after receiving his Ph.D., he attained Assistant Professor at Louisiana State University at Baton Rouge and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Lacey didn’t become a Full Professor at Georgia Tech until 2001, from 199 until then he was an Associate Professor without and with tenure.

Many of his mentored students personally accredit Lacey for their success in school and in the industry. Lacey will continue leading efforts to ensure students who want to pursue mathematics at Georgia Tech can take their education as far as they want to.

Learn more about James Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Ian King Says ICOs Give Ordinary Investors Access to Startup Opportunities

Ian King Says ICOs Give Ordinary Investors Access to Startup Opportunities

Former hedge fund trader and crypto expert Ian King now writes articles for Banyan Hill Publishing to help their readers understand the cryptocurrency markets and profit from them. He recently explained the advantage of Initial Coin Offerings to ordinary investors.

When most people think of the stock market, the image of investors making money by buying and selling stocks is what comes to mind. It’s the opportunity to get rich by buying stock while it’s cheap and selling it when it’s expensive. For many, it’s the opportunity to buy shares of stock that pay quarterly dividends to shareholders, so the stock market is a place where widows and orphans can come for support. Read more about Ian King for more info.

However, the most important function in the national economy the stock market plays is to give companies, especially new startup companies, a way to raise capital by selling off ownership. The companies need more cash to operate their businesses. Investors have the cash, and wish to put it to work by buying shares in a successful company so the money grows into the future. Getting cash-hungry companies together with cash-rich investors is why Wall Street and investment banks were invented. The stock exchange is a byproduct. By giving investors a way to easily buy and sell shares, it encourages investment into new companies that will, hopefully, become as successful as the companies already flourishing. Read this article at ZeroHedge about Ian King

However, investment banks on Wall Street do not perform this service for free. There are many complex rules and regulations that control their roles in the process, but one big way they make money is by finding these initial investors and selling the IPO shares of stock to them. In theory, all investors willing to part with their money should have equal access to the new shares. However, that hasn’t been true for many years, especially for early stage tech companies. Most of the growth of startups happens in the tech sector. But only venture capitalists and wealthy investors get access to the stock of these startups early in the IPO process, while they are still cheap. The investment banks have a good idea of the company’s prospects. They reserve the shares for their best prospects. If your broker gives you a chance to buy a hot new IPO stock, either it’s a dog of a company or you’re one of the brokerage’s best and wealthiest customers. For 99% of investors, if they can buy an IPO, they shouldn’t want to. Read more:


Securus Technologies Highly Reputed and Credible Correctional Firm

Securus Technologies Highly Reputed and Credible Correctional Firm

Technology is playing a significant role in changing the experience inmates have in prison. There is no one who would like to be incarcerated, but it is necessary for some mischievous elements to stay inside the jail for the communities to be safer for the people who obey the law. However, it doesn’t mean that everyone who is incarcerated doesn’t respect the law or don’t want to follow it. Different circumstances may have led them to the prison. In other words, people who are in jail should get a chance to stay connected to the outside world, especially their friends and family. It is made possible with inmate communication services offered by companies such as Securus Technologies.


Securus Technologies has extensive experience in providing inmate communication services and has been providing such services since it was established in the year 1986. The company doesn’t only offer inmate communication services but also provides voice messaging services, e-mail messaging services, video visitation, money transfer services, and more. Securus Technologies recently acquired Jpay Inc, which would give the inmates access to not only their money transfer platform but also a wide range of entertainment, games, and music download database. Acquisition of Jpay Inc has undoubtedly increased the product portfolio of the company.


Apart from the inmates focused services, Securus Technologies also offers investigative services for the law enforcement officers. These services are known to be highly helpful for the law enforcement officers in arresting the criminals who are committing a crime or have committed a crime in the past. There are many mischievous elements in the society, and to keep a closer watch, the use of technology is essential. Securus Technologies has ensured that the law enforcement agencies that chose Securus Technologies as their preferred partner get a host of investigative tools and applications that help them perform better.


Greg Aziz Is Leading National Steel Car Into The Future

Greg Aziz Is Leading National Steel Car Into The Future

Gregory James Aziz is CEO (Chief Executive Officer), Chairman and President of a freight car design and manufacturing company called National Steel Car. The company is located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and is the leading freight rail car design and manufacturing company in Canada and the United States. The company aspires to delivering excellence in both design and manufacturing and has achieved that goal for more than a century. Part of the foundation of the company is the people who work there. They are committed to continuing the excellent service the company has rendered for years.

In order to deliver consistent service, National Steel Car is always challenging itself by raising the bar. To escalate their level of service, the company is always finding new and innovative ways to do business. The company has the ability to maximize their strengths and efficiency and stay at the forefront of the industry.

Greg Aziz found employment opportunities with National Steel Car in 1994. His education includes attending Ridley College. He also attended the University of Western Ontario, earning a degree in Economics. After college, he took on challenges with the family owned wholesale food business, Affiliated Foods in 1971. The family business grew over the course of the next 16 years and became a global fresh food importer from South America, Europe and Central and South America and distributed them in Eastern Canada and the United States. Get Related Information Here.

After the food business, Gregory J. Aziz took on investment banking and in 1994, he organized the sale of National Steel Car from a company named Dofasco. The plan for the purchase was help turn the company into a leading railroad freight car manufacturer into a leading company in the freight car industry. With capital and human investment National Steel Car was able to expand their manufacturing capability to 12,000 freight cars per year, up from 3,500 and expand its workforce from 600 to 3,000.


Under the leadership of Gregory James Aziz, National Steel Car has led the industry in designing and manufacturing freight car design and manufacturing. It is the only company in the industry to be achieve the ISO 9001:2008 certification and has retained that certification for more than 18 years.


National Steel Car, as well as Greg Aziz has a philanthropic side. The company is committed to the community of Hamilton and sponsors and supports the Theatre Aquarius and Hamilton Opera, as well as the several national charitable organizations. The company also provides supports for a variety of local charitable causes. Greg Aziz and his family help to sponsor one of Canada’s most prominent agricultural fair, the Royal Fair for Winter Agriculture.


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Banyan Hill’s Ian King Sees Largest Growth Still Ahead for Crypto Currencies

Banyan Hill’s Ian King Sees Largest Growth Still Ahead for Crypto Currencies

Bitcoin has become a familiar discussion topic in investment and internet forums. The digital currency technology has introduced a slew of technological innovations and created overnight millionaires.

Banyan Hill Publishing crypto currency editor Ian King, sees the disruptive potential of the new currency/technology on financial transactions.

Technologies that simplify existing processes and increase interactions between people tend to revolutionize their industries, King points out.

And, as an exchange medium, bitcoin more than satisfies this criteria by removing the need for a middle man in transactins and introduces the ability for remote individuals to engage in secure business exchanges, anonymously as well as creating an electronic record of that transaction that is public and indisputable, King adds.

Noting its potential, financial institutions are racing to patent their own proprietary implementations of the underlying blockchain and smart contract technologies.

As one case in point, JPMorgan has been reported to have acquired instruments tied to crypto currencies to enhance their clients’ portfolios, following their investors’ requests for exposure to the profits in crypto currencies.

Ian King observes that the digital currency market is satisfying the 3 criteria by which he evaluates the viability of an investment opportunity.

  1. It solves a real world problem.
  2. The limited supply of bitcoin coins creates a store of value for investors holding long positions.
  3. Volume trading increases in the crypto currency suggest a favorable technical indicator strength.

By following these guidelines himself, King was able to realize 1000 percent gains with his investment in litecoin, a digital currency similar to bitcoin.

He forecasts that the growth opportunities in crypto currencies will be far larger than the first wave of dot com startups.

King bases his prediction on where the digital currency market is in its development and acceptance phases. Because of its strong libertarian philosophy, it grew by the strength of the like minded community, remaining off the radar of large institutions while it grew to its $600 billion market capitalization earlier this year.

The group of private investment that entered the crypto markets in 2017, though large, was just the first round of large growth. Financial institutions, followed and they continue to pour investment dollars into the crypto realm. As the crypto marketplace presence increases, additional private investors will follow.

Pointing out that crypto currencies are just one form of a broader category of crypto assets with disruptive potential across several industries, King adds that the investment potential of new crypto currency launches tied to a business model, known as ICO, Initial Coin Offering, is just one example of how the technology opens investment opportunities to private individuals and financial institutions simultaneously. For more updates, follow:


Taking A Flight Into The Fagali’l Airport

Taking A Flight Into The Fagali’l Airport

The Fagali’l Airport is located just two miles from the center of Apia, Samoa. It is currently in operation and owned by the Polynesian airlines, but not before going through quite a bit of difficulty from the Samaon government.

In 2002, the Fagali’l Airport would upgrade its airstrip from grass to pavement. This conversion would turn heads and open eyes, as such change would raise safety and noise concerns from the Samoan government and the village as well.

In 2005, the airport would unfortunately be denied the right to conduct any business in Apia due to safety and noise concerns, but this wouldn’t be the last time the Fagali’l Airport would attempt to re-open its doors.

In 2009, the Fagali’l Airport would re-open its doors and is owned and operated by the Polynesian Airlines. All hazardous concerns were met and with the addition to its previous services, it would now start servicing for flights to and from Pago Pago, American Samoa.

Although there were still some safety concerns administered by the village, the airport would continue its operations as normal as such concerns wouldn’t be that huge of a factor to put an halt to the Fagali’l business. The airport is currently home to Polynesian Airlines, Samoa Air, South Pacific Island Airways and Talofa Airways.

Apia, Samoa is home to the late great renowned Scottish author and explorer, Robert Louis Stevenson. Famous for his classic book, “Treasure Island and Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll”. His mansion is now home to The Robert Louis Stevenson Museum. Each year tourists visits the museum, totally mesmerized by its unforgettable and awe-inspiring view, which influences many visitors to utilize the museum property for events, meetings, weddings and more according to If tourist would like to take a step forward with their experiences with the history of Robert Louis Stevenson, they are more than welcomes to visit Robert Louis Stevenson’s grave site, that overlooks the city of Apia atop Mt. Vaea. Find flights into the Fagali’l Airport now and come experience the influences of Robert Louis Stevenson according to

Hotels near the Fagali’l airport are as follows: Tanoa Tusitala Hotel, Insel Fehmarn Hotel, Insel Fehmarn Hotel, Le Alaimoana Hotel, Samoan Outrigger Hotel. Prices start at just $49 a night.

Visit Apia, Somoa today! Robert Louis Stevenson Museum, beautiful beaches, locals Samoan foods, jungle trails and more! Eighty five degree weather all year long. What are you waiting for?

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