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Compound Interested in Igor Cornelsen

Compound Interested in Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen was born on October 4, 1947 in Brazil. He is an investment manager and presently owns his own firm. He has overseen operations at his firm since 1995. Igor studied engineering at The Federal University of Panara in 1965. While there he shifted his focus towards economics after two years into his studies. He graduated from the school in 1970 and began working at the investment bank Multibanco. His knowledge of numbers and calculating served him well. Within four years working there he would be promoted to Multibanco’s Board of Directors. Then two years after that he became CEO of the investment bank.

Igor Cornelsen remained progressive and after MultiBanco was purchased by Bank of America he relocated his efforts to Unibanco. This company was another leader in the Brazilian investment firm industry. He is thankful for the knowledge he attained while studying in school. This is what he believes has given him the premise for so many opportunities. The advice Igor mentioned that he would give to his younger self would be to rely on the news and factual events instead of peers in the market. He would also express that ideology and investments do not go well with one another. Following his mind has proven this to be true he mentions. Everyone’s path is not the same and following someone else’s actions will not have the same outcome for you.

Doing that can set you back really far. His understanding for intelligent investing continues to help an abundance of people. Cornelsen has spoken publicly numerous of times elaborating his point of views on investment approaches and various other topics. Market and currency exchange conditions in other countries is another branch of the investment tree that he is familiar with. Providing previous analytics backing up his investment advice gives those he works with comfort. His personal tribulations as an investor has assisted him in providing insightful information in regards to the topic.

Matt Badiali Sheds More Light on Freedom Checks

Matt Badiali Sheds More Light on Freedom Checks

Matt Badiali Sheds More Light on Freedom Checks

Freedom Checks is the name of one of the most trending topics in the world of investment. In a promotional video by Matt Badiali of Banyan Hill Publishing Company – the company that sponsors the Freedom Checks – investors around the US would collect an upward sum of 34.6 billion dollars in Freedom Checks. As he explains, these checks are not government issued as claimed by competitor businesses. In fact, investors can make monthly payments from the checks that exceed government-sponsored programs such as social security. Read more about Matt on

It is indeed unfortunate that companies known for succeeding by setting false propagations against their competitors are using this platform to sway the markets. But this isn’t an issue to seasoned investors like Badiali. Nevertheless, setting red flags raises the concerns and fear among novice investors or entrepreneurs planning to try their fortune in the investment industry.

With the confusing information peddled around relating to the Freedom Checks, it is crucial for investors to learn how the checks work. The first step, as Matt Badiali stresses in the Real Wealth Strategist newsletter of Banyan Hill Publishing, is to understand the idea behind these checks. Consequently, investors cannot expect to receive Freedom Checks before grasping this background knowledge.

The general concern in the investing community is how a company can be willing to distribute such hefty sums of money with little investment. Notably, investors poised to receive the checks have invested at most $10 with the company. But the ground for these free distributions was laid nearly two decades ago. By then, the US had ramped up her production of oil to meet the reduced importation of natural gas from the Middle East. This development made the local master limited partnerships reap handsome profits. In fact, Matt Badiali notes that some MLPs would gain up to nearly 40,000%! With such enormous gains, it is to see why the companies are ready to distribute hefty cash.

As an expert in oil investment, Matt Badiali notes that MLPs must make regular payment distributions apart from having a minimum of 1 billion US dollars in asset value. The editor of Banyan Hill states that his mission is to help as many investors as possible to grow their wealth base. Thus, he is confident that the issuance of the billions in Freedom Checks will help with his mission. Learn more:



FlavioMarluf Unfolds the Merits of Tax Incentives for Companies

FlavioMarluf Unfolds the Merits of Tax Incentives for Companies

With heavy taxation posted on businesses in many countries, keeping up with “live” businesses has become a tussle for many entrepreneurs. Nevertheless, new upcoming tactics can rekindle the hope of companies. It is, therefore, true that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Such rejuvenating expedients include tax incentives as outlined by the president of Eucatex Companies, FlavioMaluf. According to this business guru, the Fiscal Incentive Policy remains a backbone in fostering the social and economic advancement of a country.

How will Fiscal Incentive Laws Benefit Companies?

FlavioMaluf, in his scrutiny, outlines that the proffered Fiscal incentive presents to companies a shot to channel a portion of the value they remit in taxes to projects proposed by these legislations. Such projects include sporting, cultural, scientific research, social, health programs and technological advancement in the country. In so doing, the money will not straightly be sent to the government. Therefore, the tax will be directly used in funding society projects that will have rippled benefits. As a result, the companies will gain more acceptance as their impact in joining hands in societal growth will be seen and appreciated. View to learn more

The Breakdown

Nonetheless, Flavio Maluf states that the proposed tax incentive does not mean that companies are not going to spend the sum of money that would be earmarked for taxes. Instead, the money will be spent more strategically. Therefore, the veteran leader points out the primary benefit of the Fiscal Incentive law as cementing a good relationship between companies and the society as they take active projects through sponsorships. In his opinion, Flavio stresses that with proper planning, this will inform financial saving.

Regional Tax Incentives

Moreover, it is crucial to note that regional tax incentives can benefit companies in a specific region so as to enhance development in such zones. Also, public administration can grant tax incentives depending on the area of operation of a company. This is always with the aim of promoting a given economic activity or a specific industry. Examples of such tax incentives include exemptions, compensations and tax reduction among others. These benefits enable business enterprises to plow back the amount into more productive operations that will lead to the creation of job opportunities.

The Business Guru FlavioMaluf

It was in 1897 when Maluf began his career in Eucatex Group. Later on, he shifted to the industrial sector and joined the executive role. In 1997 he arose to the presidency of the business where he manages every aspect of the company. Until now, he holds that position.



How Banyan Hill publishers under the Leadership of Ted Bauman have been offering the best investment advice to their readers

How Banyan Hill publishers under the Leadership of Ted Bauman have been offering the best investment advice to their readers

There is a lot of investment advice which is available on both the traditional media and the upcoming digital channels. The problem with the advice is that most are just a repeat of the tactics which have been offered over and over by financial advisors. Banyan Hill Publishing was put together with the aim of offering their subscribers and readers with the best tips on investment options that are less conventional. The man at the leadership position in the company, Ted Bauman, states that it is very rewarding to help people who are stuck with investment ideas that they wouldn’t have considered before.

When the company was set up, it was with the goal of making sure that information which is usually hidden by Wall Street was available to the common man who. Over the past 20 years, the company, which was previously known as the sovereign society, has helped people establish offshore bank accounts, create asset protection trusts and maintain both personal and financial privacy. Today, their newsletter has more than 400,000 subscribers all over the world.


The company then rebranded in 2016, and they changed their mission, stating that they wanted to help common Americans acquire and enjoy the feeling of having total wealth. The advice they give their clients currently is supposed to help them acquire financial freedom and walk towards their unique financial destinies. The name of the site, Banyan, comes from the banyan tree, which has one of the strongest trunk support systems, which is a metaphor for the kind of financial stability they want their readers to achieve. With the kind of information offered by the newsletter, readers can open an offshore account, transfer their money, move there and start a new life. All this will happen while their privacy is totally protected. Follow Ted Bauman at

About Ted Bauman

Ted Bauman is currently an editor at Banyan Hill Publishing. He joined the organization in 2013 as part of the team which creates the Bauman Letter. The other publications which Ted takes part in producing include the Plan B Club and the Alpha Stock Alert. He specializes in international migration, protection of assets, and investment strategies which involve little risk. He has managed to change the perception of the Banyan Hill Publishing company from just another newsletter to the most reliable and trustworthy source of investment advice for common Americans. Ted Bauman lives in Georgia with his wife and children.