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Neurocore Health and Fitness

Neurocore Health and Fitness

Neurocore Muscle Tech was founded in 1995. It sells products that can be used before and after workouts to help build muscle. They act as a workout supplement and can be used to help increase speed and endurance. What makes Neurocore different other companies is that its products have been tested and proven to help with weight loss and athletic performance.

Neurocore sells a mixture of nutritional bars and powders along with workout accessories. Their products are well suited towards people who are interested in fitness. The company provides recipes on its website for delicious items such as cinnamon rolls, protein snowballs, and protein shakes. The nutritional values for all of Neurocore’s products are listed clearly on the website with data that is easy to read for each item.

The store has a wide variety of nutritional powders that are created for different purposes. Some of their best selling products include items such as the Clear Muscle Powder, Vaporx5 Next Gen Powder, and Amino Build Next Gen Energized, which have been scientifically proven to be nutritionally beneficial for performance and weight loss. The products come in a wide variety of flavors and they can be mixed into breakfast smoothies or drinks. Neurocore has over 30 patents in the United States and 50 patents worldwide on its products. Some have been around for as long as 20 years. A portion of all sales is spent on further research in order to perfect current products and develop new products in order to ensure that Neurocore’s products continue to remain of high quality.

Overall Neurocore’s purpose is to help people meet their fitness goals by providing nutritional supplements that will help make sure that their hard work pays off. Health and wellness are important and it good to know what we are putting into our bodies so that we can all make health-conscious decisions.

Stream Energy Serves Their Community

Stream Energy Serves Their Community

Stream Energy has always been concerned with helping their community, but after the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, they took their philanthropy works even further. The Dallas-based company started the Stream Cares Foundation earlier in 2018 to manage all of their different charitable initiatives both in Texas and across the United States.

When Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, thousands of their residents lost their homes when the storm did hundreds of millions in damages. Immediately, Stream Energy took action and made a large donation to the Red Cross and aided in the rebuilding of the areas affected by the hurricane. For their clients, they greatly extended the deadlines of their invoices if they lived in any of the areas affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Before Hurricane Harvey, there was already a large homeless population in the Houston and Dallas areas. These numbers skyrocketed after the storm and continue to rise to this day. Stream Energy and their associates are dedicated to alleviating this problem as much as they can and work very closely with programs like Habitat For Humanity. Stream Energy does whatever they can to try to improve their lives in any way that they can. One of these efforts is in collaboration with the Hope Supply Co. They are dedicating to helping homeless children get the supplies that they need to live their lives in the best way that they can. One of the favorite events that they hold for homeless children is Splash for Hope at Hawaiian Falls Water Park in North Texas. Here they are given free admission as well as a hat, flip-flops, and a fun picnic lunch at the park.

Stream Energy began in business as a retail power supplier and then moved to the direct-selling market. Not only do they sell competitively priced energy plans, but they now also sell mobile phone plans. Stream Energy associates all operate independently and earn commission from sales as their own business owner. Many of their associates also volunteer their time and efforts privately throughout their own communities.

Jeunesse Global Product Lines

Jeunesse Global Product Lines

Jeunesse is a direct sales company that sells its health and wellness products through independent distributors. As a growing company, its reach is quickly extending throughout the world, and its popularity is growing as thousands of individuals every year discover its research-backed products. Begun in 2009, Jeunesse has continued to expand into Europe, Asia and even Africa. The founders, Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis continue to work with the company and provide direction to boards, producers, researchers, management and distributors.

Jeunesse sells all of its products through direct sellers, allowing clients to get products quickly and to have access to superb customer service. All of the products speak for themselves, and customers are rarely if ever displeased by these anti-aging and health-related products. With nine major product lines, there is a product for everyone whether an individual is looking for a weight loss program, an energizing supplement or an anti-aging lotion. From head to toe and from outside to inside the body, Jeunesse addresses all major concerns associated with the ability to live an energized life even as one gets older.

For the skin, Jeunesse offers three major lines. With Instantly Ageless cream, users can quickly vanquish lines and bags beneath the eyes as well as fine lines and wrinkles across the face. Wherever the skin has drooped or sagged, Instantly Ageless can lift and tone. Luminesce is a full skin care line designed specifically for adding a healthy, youthful glow back to aging skin. For women looking for professional-quality makeup, NV provides the look of an airbrushed finish with a primer, foundation and bronzer that use a micro-mist for a natural look.

Products that can be used internally to improve the mind and body while protecting the body against chronic disease include AM/PM Essentials, Reserve antioxidants, M1ND for memory and concentration, Finiti, Naara and Nevo,

Finally, the ZEN Project-8 line provides help for those who need to clean up their diets, detoxify their tissues, burn fat and sculpt the body.

Taken together, Jeunesse products can help individuals experience great quality of life with healthy bodies and vibrant skin.