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Drew Madden and the IT of Healthcare

Drew Madden and the IT of Healthcare

Drew Madden started with Nordic Consulting Partners in 2010 and served as their president from 2011 until 2016. He uses his passion of caring for people to lead him to do revolutionary work in healthcare IT.

Healthcare is clearly in need of these kind of innovations. Currently, healthcare is controlled by government regulations. Patients haven’t had many options when it comes to their healthcare; however, options are becoming more widely available because of a wide range of companies getting into the business. Consumer-friendly free market will soon be the way we describe healthcare in America because of innovations from Drew Madden and other healthcare IT entrepreneurs.

The United States spends three times as much money per person on healthcare compared to other first-world countries. CVS has made inquiries about purchasing Aetna after Amazon hinted at doing the same thing. CVS already has MinuteClinics and can fill prescriptions. Now, they can come full circle and will soon be able to handle almost everything the average American needs when seeing their doctor. This can all be managed through healthcare IT.

Drew Madden and others at Nordic Consulting Partners can change some aspects of healthcare through IT. One option is to help patients with advanced care planning by creating websites and apps that make things like advanced directives easier to complete. The referral system can also be improved by coming up with software to easily oversee any after-care the patient may have. They can also clean up tracking a patient’s data by creating effortlessly managed reports for medical staff to read. IT can also help with the complex logistics in the hospital such as where patients are and staffing. Another need for IT in healthcare is for the emergency line, 911. The emergency call can be transferred through an app by way of pictures and videos to determine if patients really need an ambulance. This could possibly save patients time and money if they do not need an ambulance.

Drew Madden and other IT entrepreneurs are working hard to create a more manageable system for healthcare workers and patients.