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Creative Visions of Fashion Showcased by the Academy of Art University

Creative Visions of Fashion Showcased by the Academy of Art University

In the Huffington Post article, The Future of Fashion: Academy of Art University NYFW Shows by Stephan Rabimov, New York Fashion Week was the stage for the Academy of Art University School of Fashion designers to showcase their collections. On September 9,2017 the School of Fashion had its twenty first runway showcase at Skylight Clarkson Square. The article displays a video of the show, as well as beautiful photos of the individual favorite designs with corresponding designer statements.


Since 1929 the Academy of Art University has been offering graduate and undergraduate programs in design, communication and the arts. Classes are available online as well as on campus. The campus is located in the heart of San Francisco, which allows students to experience the finest in the arts and inspiration for future designers.


The Academy of Art University ( expresses that all students desiring a profession in art and design should be able to fulfill that dream. Once accepted, students will have access to instruction from a faculty highly experienced in the area they are teaching, as well as an excellent student-faculty ratio. Students will be able to experience hands on learning due to being located in one of the finest artistic and cultural hubs in the nation. Online students, who might have limited access due to location or time restraints, will also be able to fulfill their ambitions with outstanding online courses.


The School of Fashion allows students to showcase their work at New York Fashion Week as well as the Annual Graduation Fashion Show in San Francisco. Several career paths in the fashion industry are available, with students having access to state of the art tools and cutting-edge facilities to enhance creative collections.


The designs that were on view at New York Fashion Week, as shown in the article, are a wonderful example of the caliber of talent at the Academy of Art University. The opportunity to showcase designs by such gifted students is one of the experiences that make the Academy of Art University an outstanding choice for students in art and design.


Women Can Dress For Success With Fabletics

Women Can Dress For Success With Fabletics

One of the common pieces of advice that is given to people is to dress for success. However, when people think about dressing for success, they think that they have to comply to strict standards. However, people who have more fashion sense know that there is actually a lot of diversity to what is considered well dressed. Almost any style can be considered a good dress sense. The important thing is that the clothes have to be in good condition. It also wouldn’t hurt to actually coordinate an outfit so that it does not look like it clashes. However, this can be challenging without the right fashion store to shop at.


Kate Hudson herself has understood the challenges and frustrations that come with dressing well. As she addressed this issue, Fabletics was born. Kate Hudson has founded Fabletics to not only provide wonderful fashion, but to send a message to people about diversity. Given that she is someone that people look to for style tips and examples, she is someone that can tell people how they can dress. Her message to her fans and everyone that is wondering how they can dress well is that anything goes. There is no casual dress code other than to be decent.


Kate Hudson has used Fabletics as a means to communicate her message to people that Fashion is something that is to be enjoyed. One should not have to feel a lot of pressure to conform. One should be able to express herself without worry. As a matter of fact, this is what Fabletics is built on. The first thing that happens when one visits the site is that she is made to answer a survey about her lifestyle, her style preferences, her size and plenty of other pieces of information which is meant to connect her to some clothes based on her answers.


One thing that could be said for Fabletics is that it is a lot better than fast fashion when it comes to ethics and sustainability. While fast fashion does offer people a little more variety than usual, a lot of these clothes come at a very steep price that someone pays. One other choice that people have is to go to Amazon. However, even Amazon has limits when it comes to the types of clothes that are offered to customers. Fabletics makes sure that it offers specialized services and products to its customers.

Fabletics Offers Women Plenty of Choices in Athleisure Category to Choose From

Fabletics Offers Women Plenty of Choices in Athleisure Category to Choose From

The world of fashion is growing and evolving at a rapid pace, and one of the most popular trends these days is that of athleisure apparels. More or less, every fitness clothing company out there offers athleisure apparels of various sizes, designs, colors, and patterns these days.



However, one of the firms that have grown to become a preferred choice among the women consumers is Fabletics. In a relatively short period, Fabletics has grown to become one of the most popular brands in the athleisure market and have stood tall in a competitive market that is dominated by another large e-commerce portal such as Amazon.



Fabletics is a company that is owned and managed by Techstyle Fashion Group, which is co-owned by Kate Hudson, Don Ressler, and Adam Goldenberg. Techstyle Fashion Group operates other famous brands such as Shoe Dazzle and Fab Kids as well.



Kate Hudson, who is known across the globe for being a Golden Globe winner for the best actress category and is a fitness role model to millions of women, has played a huge role in the success of Fabletics. As a brand ambassador, she has helped in enhancing the popularity of the brand and also made Fabletics an aspirational brand that the target audience can relate with. It helps in making customers loyal towards the brand, and also adds value to the brand in the long-term.



Fabletics also managed to climb the ladder of success in a relatively short period because of the reverse showroom technique. It is seen that the customers scroll through the products in the physical stores and then go on to buy similar products online at a discounted price.



However, Fabletics has eliminated such a possibility by building itself as a brand that offers great quality products at the most affordable price in the market. It is for this reason after the company gained substantial growth and momentum in its online business; it started opening stores across the country. At present, it has 18 stores across the United States, and as per Don Ressler, CEO of Techstyle Fashion Group, several hundred new stores would be launched in the next five year or so across the globe.



Fabletics aims at the target audience that is health and fitness conscious, and it also seeks to inspire people to get inclined towards healthy living. If you are looking to join Fabletics as a member, don’t forget to take the Lifestyle Quiz offered at their official website.