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Avid Traders Agree with AvaTrade Review

Avid Traders Agree with AvaTrade Review

If professional traders have made good money using certain Forex tools, can they use these on AvaTrade? Is the AvaTrade API available for customization? Do avid traders agree with the latest positive AvaTrade Review?


Plug In Trading Tools


AvaTrade opens its doors in 2006. AvaTrade is regulated by ASiC with AFSL #406684 . This Dublin based broker has branches around the world.


There are more than 100 different assets for trading at AvaTrade. You can compare and contrast different price trends to make good money with Forex.


The USD$250 AvaTrade minimum deposit is affordable for most professional traders. You can practice your trades using your demo account.


You can work with Expert Advisers at AvaTrade to help you complete your trades. The Islamic account allows you to be faithful to your principles.


Hedging and scalping tools can be used on AvaTrade. This Forex trading platform understands that you might have some well-established trading tools to help you make money. You can use a variety of trading tool plug-ins at this broker.


ZuluTrade is a Social Trading platform supported by AvaTrade. Some people are social by nature – they can learn and function better with social support. You can follow successful traders and copy their trades with ZuluTrade.


AvaTrade API

The openness of AvaTrade demonstrates its maturity. You can bring your own favorite trading systems with you to AvaTrade or use the AvaTrade API to create a customized solution. Computer programmers can create the best money-making trading systems.


Award Winning Champion

And, with so many Forex industry awards, AvaTrade must be doing something right. What is the latest AvaTrade Award? A AAA customer support rating from Broker Notes was just revealed. From 2013 to 2016, FX Empire awarded AvaTrade with prestigious prizes.


Avid professional traders know what to expect at AvaTrade. That is why more than 200,000 choose this as their broker. Avid AvaTrade traders like what they got.

Quality not Quantity Yields Forex Success: Learning with Jordan Lindsey

Quality not Quantity Yields Forex Success: Learning with Jordan Lindsey

Overtrading your forex account is the surest way not to succeed. Many traders approach the market as though it were some dartboard. You do not score points like that in the forex market. Forex trading is more like a hunt. Traders should be hunting for value or situations where they have an edge. These are what are known as high-probability trades.

Mr. Jordan Lindsey, the founder of JCL Capital, has long advocated that a small 7 percent return month after month can lead traders to financial independence. It is not uncommon for traders to hit a 7 percent return during the first week of the month, yet end the month down. Why is that? Most likely it is due to the problem of overtrading.

Greed motivates traders to open questionable positions all the time. The absolute reality is that most of these trades amount to running fast and going nowhere. Some will work out, and you will lose others. Novices compound the error by holding on to many of their losing trades, while at the same time cutting their winners prematurely. That must stop if you wish to join the ranks of consistently profitable traders (CPTs).

To master the art of detecting an edge in the market, you will need to become familiar with technical analysis. Once you have learned these concepts, you will be able to discern high-probability setups on a price chart. Then you will be armed appropriately to hunt down the 7 percent returns Jordan Lindsey recommends as a reasonable goal.

Another of Jordan Lindsey’s mantras has long been “focus.” Opening random trades on a hunch that they may work out is the opposite of what he has advised. If you are to build a fortune trading forex, you must first realize that good trades are few and far between. Their frequency will depend on the time frame you are trading on. Traders may see one high-probability trade a day or one a week. By only focusing on these types of trades you can increase your win rate from say 50 percent to 70 or 80 percent. Thus making your 7 percent monthly target that much more achievable.