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Waiakea Water Recognized on Inc. 5000 List

Waiakea Water Recognized on Inc. 5000 List

The Inc. Magazine conference and Gala is exactly three weeks away. The event which will be held in California will honor American companies that grew the fastest between 2014 and 2016. Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water will be part of the many businesses that made it to the Inc. 5000 list. Waiakea was privileged to be position 414 in Inc.5000; the list is considered prestigious as it contains famous companies such as Microsoft, GoPro, Patagonia, and Zappos among other leading American brands.

Waiakea was founded in 2012 by Ryan Emmons. Emmons is happy that his company is getting recognition for the hard work that the company has gotten used to. Emmons admits that it had always been his company’s dream to in the revered Inc. 500 list. Unlike other entrepreneurs, who are carried away by success, Emmons and his colleagues in the company are rolling their sleeves as they get ready to face the unknown future. Under Emmons’ stewardship, the company will likely climb up the Inc. 5000 list to rival Gametime, EviroSolar Power, and Skillz who appeared in position three, two, and one respectively.

Growing a successful water brand in the 21st Century is an uphill task. There are established water brands in the market and rivaling them requires Emmons’ type of skill. From day one, Waiakea approached the beverage industry with three issues that resonate well with the current health and socially informed consumers: sustainability, corporate social responsibility, and care for the environment. The company has diligently implemented its business model, and it boasts of many prizes, awards, and recognition. For example, Waiakea was awarded the Food and Beverage Innovation Award (2015), Best Biz Awards (2015), and Dujour Awards among other awards.

For a company that sources its water from a natural resource, environmental conservation is essential. Waiakea cares for the environment in many ways. For example, it aims to introduce biodegradable water containers soon. Also, the company is working with environmental experts to minimize the effects of its activities on the environment. Finally, the company is championing reforestation programs in Mauna Loa.

Waiakea’s social responsibility efforts extend to Africa. On top of donating drinking water for every bottle of water bought, Waiakea has given pumps to many communities in the sub-Saharan Africa. The pumps supplied in conjunction with Pump Aid assist the communities in accessing water and basic sanitation.

Avaaz – Who Knew?

Avaaz – Who Knew?

Avaaz is a civic organization that advocates global activism on many issues a few being human rights, animal rights, and poverty. The name Avaaz is symbolic and stands for what this type of company was working towards which is to help give people a voice, which is what the word âvâz means in english. The founder of the civic organization was a man named Ricken Patel. He was a Oxford University graduate and he studided politics, philosophy, and economics. He originally worked for an international crisis group that went around the world including Sierra Leone, Libera, and Afghanistan. He was able to learn how to start up negotiations and monitor elections while even being able to help restore people’s faith in a political system that was corrupted and failed to govern them correctly.

Avaaz has campaigned all over the world and these campaigns are managed by people working in over 30 different countries. They are able to unite their members by employing online petitions and videos. They use the suggestions made by the different members and a team of highly trained specialists decided if the suggestion will have a potential to cause a big effect. If they decided that it will have the wanted effect, then they send out an email to other members to see what they think and if there is enough of a response from everyone then they will open up a campaign.

Avaaz ideology is that they want to be able to practice all kinds of ideology and close the gap between people and want everyone to be able to unite with each other and have a greater compassion and care for each other.

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