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Dynamic Couple Creates Jeunesse Global

Dynamic Couple Creates Jeunesse Global

Mention the names Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis to anyone in the direct marketing business, and they’ll certainly recognize them. Although the couple is not a household name, to those in the direct marketing and health and beauty sectors, Ray and Lewis have become minor legends. The entrepreneurial couple has been responsible for founding dozens of highly successful startups. Their latest creation, Jeunesse Global, has taken the world of health and beauty by storm, growing to nearly a billion dollars in sales in less than a decade.

Ray and Lewis were living comfortably in their Florida mansion when Lewis decided to begin selling a few beauty products out of the couple’s garage. It wasn’t long before Ray decided to get in on the act, marking the official beginning of Jeunesse Global.

The couple created a new slogan for the company that also doubles as its corporate philosophy. With all of the exciting advances currently taking place in anti-aging research and a slew of effective new beauty and anti-aging products coming onto the market, the couple opted to create what they refer to as Generation Young – the first generation of people who have a real chance at indefinitely staving off the worst effects of aging.

Both Ray and Lewis had such vast experience in the field that it didn’t take Jeunesse long to begin fielding its own products. With some of the most innovative health and beauty products to hit the market in years, the company has been making waves throughout the industry, almost since day one of its operation.

One of the company’s most sought-after products is its Luminesce skin creme. The product uses a specially designed molecule that has been scientifically proven to restore a youthful glow to the skin of the user and also to reduce the prominence of wrinkles. Luminesce works with just one application and lasts throughout the entire day.

The company has also made a foray into the competitive energy drink market. With Nevo, its all-natural answer to Red Bull, the company has created one of the most popular energy drinks in East Asia.