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Rick Shinto and InnovaCare Focus on Quality Managed Care Services in America

Rick Shinto and InnovaCare Focus on Quality Managed Care Services in America

Rick Shinto is the Chief Executive Officer and President at InnovaCare Health Solutions. Rick Shinto has more than two decades of experience within the clinical and operational portions of managed care companies.


Rick Shinto earned his first degree from the University of California at Irvine, and additionally earned his second degree from the State University of New York at Stony Brook. His educations has provided him with the knowledge that is required to successfully lead his company, InnovaCare Health Solutions.


The company was founded by Rick Shinto in the year of 1998. Rick practiced as a physician and would go on to obtain some of the best expertise and knowledge in regards to providing health care quality care at low costs, and even more effectively. The company is focused on providing quality health care, and the only way to do that is to have the best physicians available. The company has built its own reputation around helping partners change their creative designs and health care capabilities into models that focus on the efficient aspects and quality aspects of success within the industry.


Some of these aspects of quality care include a selection of values and characteristics that focus on patients coming before business decisions. This is one simple value that many within the industry do not follow, people are more important than revenue. In addition to that, the company also focuses on quality before anything else, because without quality, everything else could fall apart.


They also have a desire to follow specific guidelines to ensure that these characteristics are never forgotten. One of their company beliefs is that a level of transparency has to be sustained in order to ensure the quality satisfaction that patients are looking for when exploring the industry. A solid cooperation of teamwork can make a significant improvement to the quality of the health care, which includes communication and problem solving. Adaptability is also a crucial and imperative trait in order to overcome several of the toughest challenges when working to provide the best managed care.


By following the list of goals that the company and it CEO, Rick Shinto, have provided, InnovaCare will likely continue to build its reputation as one of the best providers of managed health care operations in the country.


Sussex Health Care Provides Ultimate Care

Sussex Health Care Provides Ultimate Care

When the need of a quality health care service arises whether it is for an elderly loved one, or persons with disabilities, families want to be assured that the facility has an A plus rating. The Sussex Health Care facilities offer unmatched services and received accreditation from the Health Quality Service for two consecutive years.

The care and support service centers have been providing the ultimate in quality care for individuals for over twenty five years. After the achievement of the Investors in People standard, also in the year 2003, Sussex Health Care went ahead to obtain the International standard, which made it the only Health Care and Support Center in the United Kingdom to be the recipient of dual accreditation.


Sussex Health Care is a group of homes that provide care for the elderly, persons with disabilities, dementia, and neurological disabilities. They offer a home like atmosphere for their patients, and welcomes the visits and attention from families of the patients that they serve. They are staffed with skilled, certified, and qualified medical personnel and highly trained care givers. Each person, regardless of their disability or illness, receives the same personal care and attention from each staff member on This includes, but not limited to, the social aspect of one’s life, which is an essential part of good health. The Health Care system also recognizes the importance of recreational and leisure time for the many patients that they care for. According to each home provides a program of activities to motivate, stimulate and interest the patients.

For patients who are ambulatory, there are many outside excursions available. They can be taken on outings outside of the facility, and enjoy walks around the facility. Some patients who require the use of a wheel chair can also enjoy these special privileges. Being active helps the patients to maintain their abilities and skills, and allows them to learn new ones. The management team at Sussex Health Care are professional who are experienced in this field. They also operate under the guidelines of their Policy Group. At Sussex Health Care, the goal is to be the largest provider of of quality health and nursing care services in the surrounding areas. The services provided are based on individual needs, and are delivered by the best professional team of doctors, nurses, technicians, and caregivers. Your loved one is in excellent hands with the concerned people at Sussex Health Care facilities.

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