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IC System’s Philanthropic Activities

IC System’s Philanthropic Activities

IC System was started in 1938 as an accounts receivable firm. Its co-founders are Jack Erickson and Ruth, and it is situated near St. Paul, Minnesota. Over 80 years, the company is a family-run business. The company is mainly concerned with how it delivers its services to satisfy its patients as well as its consumers. The founders’ mission is to improve financial services ethically. Over decades, the company has been offering efficient services which suites clients’ needs. The company norm and core values back their excellent services. Besides, superior services the company leads in charitable work to better the lives of individuals in the society. IC System received BBB Torch Award in 2015,2014 and 2013.

In 1981, IC System created an in-house charitable team known as the Employee Charitable Help Organization (ECHO). The primary objective of forming ECHO is to give back to the society. Each year the humanitarian team organizes donation events, employees volunteer as well as coordinating community events. ECHO collects food donations locally. In 2016, ECHO helped raised $32,000 for charitable activities and participated approximately 530 hours in community work. IC System believes that the foundation of every big business is as a result of the entire community therefor giving back to the community is their crucial mission. Indeed the company’s recent philosophy is philanthropic actions.

The company works with a wide variety of organization in search of charities. However, most of the company’s charities are as a result of fundraising events and sponsorship. IC system performs a Polar Plunge annually to help the Special Olympics. Recently, Polar Plunge group donated $8986 for Wisconsin Special Olympics. Additionally, IC System organizes blood drives in partnership with American Red Cross to get blood donations. According to statistics released in 2016, people staff inclusive donated approximately 50 pints of blood which was estimated to save 150 lives.

The IC System leads in debt collection due to efficient and innovative business exercise. Nevertheless, the company’s central mission is to serve communities. The charitable activities of IC System benefit hospitals among other organizations in the community.