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Jed McCaleb Uses Technology to Improve the Human Condition

Jed McCaleb Uses Technology to Improve the Human Condition

Jed McCaleb has always been a visionary and pioneer in using his technical programming skills to serve humanity and improve the world, and his latest project has the potential to bring 2.5 billion people into the mainstream economy of the world, so they and the world can profit from their intelligence, innovations and creativity.


Those people are now the “unbanked,” according to the World Bank. Because of their rural isolation or poverty, their local banks cannot afford to provide them with the basic services, so they lack safe storage and the ability to transfer funds. Jed McCaleb co-founded the Stellar Development Foundation in 2014 with Joyce Kim to solve those problems by harnessing the power of the blockchain technology, creating a universal network.


Blockchain was created by the creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, to solve the problem of how to trust a digital currency that can be easily copied and re-used. The blockchain creates a database distributed over a network. Every transaction must be verified and validated by the network before it’s approved. That prevents a thief from just copying and re-using code. It allows for people to trust each other without requiring third parties such as banks, Pay Pal and MoneyGram. However, the blockchain technology can serve to facilitate all kinds of transactions, not simply currency exchanges.


Jed McCaleb got his start with peer to peer networking when he created eDonkey2000. That’s a decentralized file sharing network that used hashtags to pioneer multi-source downloads. It enabled 1-to-many sharing of data. So it’s clear McCaleb’s interest in direct sharing through networking was clear from the beginning of his professional career. And so he founded MetaMachine to implement this vision.


That interest developed when he first heard of Bitcoin. At that time, most people did not have a way to participate in the digital currency, so McCaleb founded the first online Bitcoin exchange, Mt. Gox. This enabled people to exchange their national currencies for Bitcoin, and then store it in their Mt. Gox digital account. And they could later sell it or use it to buy something from the businesses that accepted Bitcoin.

Banyan Hill’s Ian King Sees Largest Growth Still Ahead for Crypto Currencies

Banyan Hill’s Ian King Sees Largest Growth Still Ahead for Crypto Currencies

Bitcoin has become a familiar discussion topic in investment and internet forums. The digital currency technology has introduced a slew of technological innovations and created overnight millionaires.

Banyan Hill Publishing crypto currency editor Ian King, sees the disruptive potential of the new currency/technology on financial transactions.

Technologies that simplify existing processes and increase interactions between people tend to revolutionize their industries, King points out.

And, as an exchange medium, bitcoin more than satisfies this criteria by removing the need for a middle man in transactins and introduces the ability for remote individuals to engage in secure business exchanges, anonymously as well as creating an electronic record of that transaction that is public and indisputable, King adds.

Noting its potential, financial institutions are racing to patent their own proprietary implementations of the underlying blockchain and smart contract technologies.

As one case in point, JPMorgan has been reported to have acquired instruments tied to crypto currencies to enhance their clients’ portfolios, following their investors’ requests for exposure to the profits in crypto currencies.

Ian King observes that the digital currency market is satisfying the 3 criteria by which he evaluates the viability of an investment opportunity.

  1. It solves a real world problem.
  2. The limited supply of bitcoin coins creates a store of value for investors holding long positions.
  3. Volume trading increases in the crypto currency suggest a favorable technical indicator strength.

By following these guidelines himself, King was able to realize 1000 percent gains with his investment in litecoin, a digital currency similar to bitcoin.

He forecasts that the growth opportunities in crypto currencies will be far larger than the first wave of dot com startups.

King bases his prediction on where the digital currency market is in its development and acceptance phases. Because of its strong libertarian philosophy, it grew by the strength of the like minded community, remaining off the radar of large institutions while it grew to its $600 billion market capitalization earlier this year.

The group of private investment that entered the crypto markets in 2017, though large, was just the first round of large growth. Financial institutions, followed and they continue to pour investment dollars into the crypto realm. As the crypto marketplace presence increases, additional private investors will follow.

Pointing out that crypto currencies are just one form of a broader category of crypto assets with disruptive potential across several industries, King adds that the investment potential of new crypto currency launches tied to a business model, known as ICO, Initial Coin Offering, is just one example of how the technology opens investment opportunities to private individuals and financial institutions simultaneously. For more updates, follow:


Quality not Quantity Yields Forex Success: Learning with Jordan Lindsey

Quality not Quantity Yields Forex Success: Learning with Jordan Lindsey

Overtrading your forex account is the surest way not to succeed. Many traders approach the market as though it were some dartboard. You do not score points like that in the forex market. Forex trading is more like a hunt. Traders should be hunting for value or situations where they have an edge. These are what are known as high-probability trades.

Mr. Jordan Lindsey, the founder of JCL Capital, has long advocated that a small 7 percent return month after month can lead traders to financial independence. It is not uncommon for traders to hit a 7 percent return during the first week of the month, yet end the month down. Why is that? Most likely it is due to the problem of overtrading.

Greed motivates traders to open questionable positions all the time. The absolute reality is that most of these trades amount to running fast and going nowhere. Some will work out, and you will lose others. Novices compound the error by holding on to many of their losing trades, while at the same time cutting their winners prematurely. That must stop if you wish to join the ranks of consistently profitable traders (CPTs).

To master the art of detecting an edge in the market, you will need to become familiar with technical analysis. Once you have learned these concepts, you will be able to discern high-probability setups on a price chart. Then you will be armed appropriately to hunt down the 7 percent returns Jordan Lindsey recommends as a reasonable goal.

Another of Jordan Lindsey’s mantras has long been “focus.” Opening random trades on a hunch that they may work out is the opposite of what he has advised. If you are to build a fortune trading forex, you must first realize that good trades are few and far between. Their frequency will depend on the time frame you are trading on. Traders may see one high-probability trade a day or one a week. By only focusing on these types of trades you can increase your win rate from say 50 percent to 70 or 80 percent. Thus making your 7 percent monthly target that much more achievable.