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The Industrious Wes Edens

The Industrious Wes Edens

Anyone that knows Wes Edens would likely say he is indeed a very bright guy. As the Founder and Principal of Fortress Investment Group, he clearly has had accomplishments in his career that are indicative of someone that knows how to make smart, and timely, moves in business. These are the people that we should watch for future trends. Wes Edens is giving us yet another look at what is coming with his new venture, Brightline. This is the only privately owned and operated rail service in the country.

The important market this rail service is aiming to serve is those who often take trips that are too long to drive, yet too short to fly. In the northeast, we disproportionately speak train with our jammed highways and grossly populated communities. There is so much more that can get done on a train, than sitting in a car, and it is easier to get on and off a train than a plane these days. Brightline could not have a better name.

Currently Brightline operates 3 routes, 2 of which have been running since January and the other newest route, Miami-Dade to Miami Central, started just 3 months ago. The 2 that have been operational since January go from Orange County to the Orlando Airport and the other goes from Palm Beach to West Palm Beach. The market is there for this kind of relaxed, leisurely travel as opposed to driving the often tourist-clogged highways in Florida. Riding a train is just such a great, ecologically-friendly way to travel, it is a surprise that Brightline is the only private company handling this mode of transportation, which is likely why Wes Edens tapped into it.

Educated at Oregon State University, Wes Edens has gone on to make the most of his education. In addition to his many years of work in the financial industry, he also co-owns the Milwaukee Bucks, an NBA franchise. Some of the most successful people are truly the most industrious; they are never involved in just one enterprise or venture at any given time, but rather have their hands in several pots. Wes Edens latest venture with Brightline will make many travelers happy he put his hand in that pot in particular.

Peter Briger, the Investment Principal at Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger, the Investment Principal at Fortress Investment Group

Together with Randall Nardone, Peter Briger founded the Fortress Investment Group. He has been in office since March 2002. Briger was later elected as co-chairperson of the company in August 2009. In the principals’ docket, he is in charge of the Credit and Real Estate segment at Fortress Investment Group. Before his appointment at Fortress Investment Group, Peter Briger served at Goldman Sachs and Co. for 15 years. He became a partner at Fortress in 1996. He also worked at the Tipping Point. The Tipping Point is a low-revenue company that takes care of families in the San Francisco suburbs. Peter Briger also serves as a board member of Caliber Schools.

The schools represent charter institutions that enable students to go to summits that prepare them for enrollment into good colleges and universities. Briger pursued a Bachelor of Arts from Princeton University. He continued to pursue a Master of Arts from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. During his tenure at Goldman Sachs, Peter Briger joined hands with Asian Management, Global Control and Compliance. He also made networks with the Japanese Executive councils. Together, they majored in real estate and offering car loans to the populace. Briger’s experience in the financial services industry was a major asset for the success of the company’s deal to purchase the Japanese Softbank. He is also an associate of the Princeton University Investment Company.

As the co-founder and principal at Fortress Investment Group, Briger incubated the handover of the firm’s shares to Softbank. The forum aimed at raising close to $2 billion. However, such details were not meant for the public ear. The company is now targeting $5 billion as it opens doors to the low-income earners. The primary objective of Fortress Investment Group is to generate high profits and raise the living standards of the low-income earners. Fortress has a niche for mergers and acquisitions. For instance, the Softbank merger by the firm has been the best in the last two decades. Also, the firm is equipped with staff that is knowledgeable in matters concerning the financial markets. Fortress mobilizes capital through debt and equity markets. Meet Pete Briger: A Titan in the Investment and Finance World

Matt Badiali Sheds More Light on Freedom Checks

Matt Badiali Sheds More Light on Freedom Checks

Matt Badiali Sheds More Light on Freedom Checks

Freedom Checks is the name of one of the most trending topics in the world of investment. In a promotional video by Matt Badiali of Banyan Hill Publishing Company – the company that sponsors the Freedom Checks – investors around the US would collect an upward sum of 34.6 billion dollars in Freedom Checks. As he explains, these checks are not government issued as claimed by competitor businesses. In fact, investors can make monthly payments from the checks that exceed government-sponsored programs such as social security. Read more about Matt on

It is indeed unfortunate that companies known for succeeding by setting false propagations against their competitors are using this platform to sway the markets. But this isn’t an issue to seasoned investors like Badiali. Nevertheless, setting red flags raises the concerns and fear among novice investors or entrepreneurs planning to try their fortune in the investment industry.

With the confusing information peddled around relating to the Freedom Checks, it is crucial for investors to learn how the checks work. The first step, as Matt Badiali stresses in the Real Wealth Strategist newsletter of Banyan Hill Publishing, is to understand the idea behind these checks. Consequently, investors cannot expect to receive Freedom Checks before grasping this background knowledge.

The general concern in the investing community is how a company can be willing to distribute such hefty sums of money with little investment. Notably, investors poised to receive the checks have invested at most $10 with the company. But the ground for these free distributions was laid nearly two decades ago. By then, the US had ramped up her production of oil to meet the reduced importation of natural gas from the Middle East. This development made the local master limited partnerships reap handsome profits. In fact, Matt Badiali notes that some MLPs would gain up to nearly 40,000%! With such enormous gains, it is to see why the companies are ready to distribute hefty cash.

As an expert in oil investment, Matt Badiali notes that MLPs must make regular payment distributions apart from having a minimum of 1 billion US dollars in asset value. The editor of Banyan Hill states that his mission is to help as many investors as possible to grow their wealth base. Thus, he is confident that the issuance of the billions in Freedom Checks will help with his mission. Learn more:



Jeff Yastine Providing Stock Marketing Investment Tips to People

Jeff Yastine Providing Stock Marketing Investment Tips to People

One of the names in the world of stock market investments that are highly popular among the people who keep track of the financial markets is that of Jeff Yastine. With over two decades of experience as financial journalist and stock market investor, Jeff has been able to considerable insight into the workings of the stock market. Jeff has been able to pick up few tricks on the way that have helped him gain much success from the stock market investments he has made. Few of the top celebrities from the business world that he has had the opportunity to meet and discuss the investment and financial tips and tricks are Steve Ballmer, Bill Gates, Michael Dell, Warren Buffett, and many others. Read more about Jeff Yastine at Talk Markets.

Jeff Yastine started his career by working for the local news channel and after that moved to work for PBS, where he anchored the PBS Nightly Business Report for around two decades. It helped him stay updated with the financial world and also taught him a lot about the stock market. The things he learned also helped him become a seasoned stock market himself. At Banyan Hill Publishing, where he is working currently as an editorial directory, his primary goal is to spread the knowledge about the finance and stock market investment that he has learned in the past few years. Teaching people how to make the most of their investments would ensure that they can secure their future financially.

Jeff Yastine is the editor of the Total Wealth Insider, which helps people learn about the various stock market investments tips that they could use to make considerable profits from the stock market. If you are looking to invest in the stock market and looking for some guidance, then Total Wealth Insider would help you get started. Jeff is continuously in the know about what is going on in the stock market and keeps a close watch on the different stocks. It is how he can pick specific stocks that he believes would be moving up in prices soon.

Jeff Yastine is an Emmy nominated financial correspondent and has won many other awards during his career. Jeff frequently writes articles on the stock market investments and the stocks he feels are primed for growth. The advice provided by Jeff is taken seriously by his followers and readers, who have in the past gained a lot from his strategic stock recommendations. Visit:




How Banyan Hill publishers under the Leadership of Ted Bauman have been offering the best investment advice to their readers

How Banyan Hill publishers under the Leadership of Ted Bauman have been offering the best investment advice to their readers

There is a lot of investment advice which is available on both the traditional media and the upcoming digital channels. The problem with the advice is that most are just a repeat of the tactics which have been offered over and over by financial advisors. Banyan Hill Publishing was put together with the aim of offering their subscribers and readers with the best tips on investment options that are less conventional. The man at the leadership position in the company, Ted Bauman, states that it is very rewarding to help people who are stuck with investment ideas that they wouldn’t have considered before.

When the company was set up, it was with the goal of making sure that information which is usually hidden by Wall Street was available to the common man who. Over the past 20 years, the company, which was previously known as the sovereign society, has helped people establish offshore bank accounts, create asset protection trusts and maintain both personal and financial privacy. Today, their newsletter has more than 400,000 subscribers all over the world.


The company then rebranded in 2016, and they changed their mission, stating that they wanted to help common Americans acquire and enjoy the feeling of having total wealth. The advice they give their clients currently is supposed to help them acquire financial freedom and walk towards their unique financial destinies. The name of the site, Banyan, comes from the banyan tree, which has one of the strongest trunk support systems, which is a metaphor for the kind of financial stability they want their readers to achieve. With the kind of information offered by the newsletter, readers can open an offshore account, transfer their money, move there and start a new life. All this will happen while their privacy is totally protected. Follow Ted Bauman at

About Ted Bauman

Ted Bauman is currently an editor at Banyan Hill Publishing. He joined the organization in 2013 as part of the team which creates the Bauman Letter. The other publications which Ted takes part in producing include the Plan B Club and the Alpha Stock Alert. He specializes in international migration, protection of assets, and investment strategies which involve little risk. He has managed to change the perception of the Banyan Hill Publishing company from just another newsletter to the most reliable and trustworthy source of investment advice for common Americans. Ted Bauman lives in Georgia with his wife and children.




Stream Energy Serves Their Community

Stream Energy Serves Their Community

Stream Energy has always been concerned with helping their community, but after the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, they took their philanthropy works even further. The Dallas-based company started the Stream Cares Foundation earlier in 2018 to manage all of their different charitable initiatives both in Texas and across the United States.

When Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, thousands of their residents lost their homes when the storm did hundreds of millions in damages. Immediately, Stream Energy took action and made a large donation to the Red Cross and aided in the rebuilding of the areas affected by the hurricane. For their clients, they greatly extended the deadlines of their invoices if they lived in any of the areas affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Before Hurricane Harvey, there was already a large homeless population in the Houston and Dallas areas. These numbers skyrocketed after the storm and continue to rise to this day. Stream Energy and their associates are dedicated to alleviating this problem as much as they can and work very closely with programs like Habitat For Humanity. Stream Energy does whatever they can to try to improve their lives in any way that they can. One of these efforts is in collaboration with the Hope Supply Co. They are dedicating to helping homeless children get the supplies that they need to live their lives in the best way that they can. One of the favorite events that they hold for homeless children is Splash for Hope at Hawaiian Falls Water Park in North Texas. Here they are given free admission as well as a hat, flip-flops, and a fun picnic lunch at the park.

Stream Energy began in business as a retail power supplier and then moved to the direct-selling market. Not only do they sell competitively priced energy plans, but they now also sell mobile phone plans. Stream Energy associates all operate independently and earn commission from sales as their own business owner. Many of their associates also volunteer their time and efforts privately throughout their own communities.

The Successful Career of Investment Guru Paul Mampilly

The Successful Career of Investment Guru Paul Mampilly

Is there such thing as an investment guru? Investing, in any form, is a tricky business and requires years of experience to even begin to make the right decision. Even with years of experience, the best investment experts still come to the wrong conclusion every once in a while.

If people are looking for a good source of investment advice, who can they trust? While naysayers will say no one can be trusted, many aspiring investors trust Paul Mampilly. Paul Mampilly used to be the best hedge fund manager on Wall Street, and he managed billions of dollars worth of clients’ assets.

Currently, Paul Mampilly uses his expertise to teach mainstream Americans about investing. His vessel of choice, a newsletter he created called Profits Unlimited. Profits Unlimited, published by Banyan Hill Publishing, is one of the most trusted investing newsletters in the world.

Paul Mampilly is so good at what he does; he’s been on numerous financial shows, including CNBC, FOX Business News, and Bloomberg TV. His newsletter guides people to potential stocks that he believes are primed to skyrocket at any moment. The shocker: his newsletter actually makes people money. Follow Paul on Twitter.

There’s an endless barrage of financial experts claiming to know how to make anyone money quickly. Mostly, these scam artists use books and seminars and claim they can teach everyone everything they’ll need to know to become millionaires overnight. Paul Mampilly only helps people make some money here and there; he’s not claiming to make people billionaires.

His humble approach to teaching and guiding his subscribers is the reason so many people trust him. Over the years, Profits Unlimited attracted more than 90,000 people to his pages. These people want to make money, and for the most part, they do every time they listen to Paul Mampilly.

Profits Unlimited is not the only newsletter works on; he has many jobs at Banyan Hill. There’s also a small weekly column he writes called Winning Investor Daily. Apart from his writing, he also manages two trading services he started: Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum.

Since leaving Wall Street, his life is more fulfilling. According to his own words, he left Wall Street because he grew tired of making rich people richer. He also didn’t like the fast pace greed of Wall Street. Visit:


Felipe Montoro Jens Business Owner and Developer

Felipe Montoro Jens Business Owner and Developer

Felipe Montoro Jens is a successful business owner who is excited about the future. He has had a great career in various industries. Felipe Montoro Jens started as a farmer who owned a few acres of land. He enjoyed farming, but he struggled to increase his income. He decided to attend college and get a degree in business. It was hard for him to work and go to school.

After he started working at a large company, he decided to start his own business. Although the first few years were stressful, Felipe Montoro Jens now owns a successful small business.

Mentoring Others

Felipe Montoro Jens enjoys mentoring young business owners in the community. One of the reasons that starting a successful business is difficult is that few people can talk to successful business owners. Felipe Montoro Jens gives practical advice to people who want to run a successful company. He firmly believes in operating a business with minimal debt. There were times when he almost went bankrupt due to high debt levels in his company.

Felipe Montoro Jens is also a strong proponent of online marketing. He utilizes new technology to expand his reach to customers. Online marketing is a proven way to increase sales in his industry.

Business Plans

Felipe Montoro Jens wants to continue expanding his company in the coming years. He is currently working on a new portfolio of products to offer customers. He believes that additional products and services will improve his company in the future. Even though he has a busy schedule, Felipe Montoro Jens enjoys working with customers and developing his business. He is excited about the different projects that he is working on. Anyone who wants to learn about operating a business should get advice from Felipe Montoro Jens.

Learn more:


Paul Mamphilly: A Financially Inclined Writer

Paul Mamphilly: A Financially Inclined Writer

The Banyan Hill Publishing Company has a huge number of professional writers who came from different backgrounds. Some of them have a background in the field of science, while some have a field in business and finance. One of their writers is Paul Mampilly, who has been with the company for a couple of years now. Being an investor and a businessman, Paul Mampilly has been recognized as one of the most influential writers of the company, and his articles and journals are frequently becoming sold out because of the high demands from the public. One of the most popular write-ups from Paul Mampilly is Profits Unlimited, which gives advice and tips to people on how to be wealthier through investing. Visit for more info.

Mampilly’s dream is to help every American to learn how they can manage their finances, and how they can become financially literate. He noted the fact that most Americans are becoming bankrupt and acquire so many debts because of the lack of understanding of their finances. This is what Paul Mampilly wanted to change, and he is hoping that through publishing his articles on a journal, many people would understand where he is coming from and learn from their past experiences and begin to handle finances carefully. Paul Mampilly also pointed out the importance of having so many investments that would help an individual with their financial needs in the future.

While being a popular writer, Paul Mampilly revealed that he never expected to become one. He has a degree in Finance and Accounting from the Montclair State University, and his dream was to become a successful businessman someday. He worked with hundreds of millions worth of hedge funds and learned how to invest them properly in bringing in profits. With his skill in investing, it is possible that a million dollar worth of investments would grow to a billion dollar one, and Paul Mampilly can do it in the shortest time possible. It is one of the reasons why he became one of the most sought-after personalities in the field of investing. View Paul Mampilly profile at

However, Paul Mampilly suddenly realized that he is only making the rich people wealthier. He wanted to help the majority, so he quit his job being a hedge fund manager and joined Banyan Hill Publishing Company and he chose to become a writer. Today, he is now one of the company’s senior editors, and his following grew to more than 60,000 subscribers. Learn more:



Igor Cornelsen’s Extensive Experience in Investments

Igor Cornelsen’s Extensive Experience in Investments


Igor Cornelsen was born in Curitiba, Brazil. He attended engineering school at the University of Parana in 1947. Two years later, Cornelsen changed interest, and began studying economics at the same school.

After graduation, Cornelsen received a job at an investment bank. Cornelsen built a quality reputation in his sector. He became well-known and subsequently received an opportunity to work as an investment banker in Rio.

Later on, Cornelsen was offered a promotion to work with the directors of Multibanco, in 1974. Two years later, in 1976, he became the CEO.

In 1978, Multibanco was absorbed by Bank of America. Cornelsen left the company in order to pursue other opportunities. He went on to work with Unibanco, a leader in investment firms. As a result of the inflation rate increasing, Cornelson left Unibanco. His next move was Libra Bank, a highly respected bank, located in London.

Libra Bank gave Cornelsen a unique opportunity to receive payment in United States currency. A few years later, he upgraded to Standard Chartered Bank. It was here that he became a well-known and successful key figure in the investment industry. He stayed there for 7 years, until it was time to initiate his own investment firm.

Cornelsen’s Opinions and Advice

Igor Cornelsen currently still works as an investment manager. He rises early in the morning, as a result of the four-hour time difference for European stock markets. He enjoys studying economies, and learning the best way to organize the portfolio of his fund. On some days of the week, he attends meetings with other colleagues to exchange views.

Cornelsen credits Reuters as his only trusted source of information for analysing the market. He says Reuters has no bias, and delivers accurate information. This allows him to be a productive entrepreneur. He advises aspiring investors to focus on the facts, rather than opinions of others. Focus, determination, and accuracy are traits Cornelson advocates for.

Read more: Brazilian Investment Star Igor Cornelsen Has Three Tips To Help You Retire in Florida Just Like Him