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Medical Innovation with Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum

Medical Innovation with Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is an individual with a long history in the medical field. In 1979, he obtained his academic degree from Brown University, and later he trained at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Thomas Jefferson University. His specialty is in joint and bone issues around the hip area. He has joined several boards and maintains a active presence in the progression of the medical field. During an interview with Ideamensch, he goes into greater detail on his career.


His most recent venture is chairman of Orthopaedics at Bronxcare Health System. The concept originated with a website he previously created named BoneHone. His ideas follow a three step plan starting with conception. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum will then look into and test the idea. If proven successful, he will then flesh out a distribution plan. He finds that developing connections and working closely with his partners are the keys to long term success. Having a team of individuals who truly believe in the work they perform is how progress is formed.


A typical day in his life beings with connecting individuals on social media. From there, he moves onto his team and conducts meetings about various issues for the company. The only real day-to-day differences come down to if he sees any patients or focuses on projects to improve the industry. Looking ahead, he looks forward to value-based healthcare changing the industry. This is a system where patients pay for a direct valve of the services they received.


The medical industry is a place where innovations are always coming down the pipeline. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is an individual who is trying to pioneer those innovations. As the medical industry evolves its treatment, he will be the individual implementing and refining those practices.


Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum


Australian Financial Review Recognizes Infinity Group Australia’s Innovative Service And Culture

Australian Financial Review Recognizes Infinity Group Australia’s Innovative Service And Culture

Since 2011 the Australian Financial Review has been compiling a list of the most innovative companies in their region of the world. Thousands of companies are nominated from that country as well as nearby New Zealand. Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker, the co-founders of Infinity Group Australia, were pleased on August 8, 2018, when their company was selected for this prestigious list.

Their company, which they started in 2013, helps families in Australia reduce their debt. They are one of the fastest growing companies in their industry and have helped thousands of families onto the path of financial freedom. After learning that AFR had recognized them as one of the top companies in innovation Graeme Holm released a statement. He said that making the 2018 Most Innovative Companies list was something his team was proud of. He said it was an honor to be listed while also humbling that their work and budget platform had earned Infinity Group Australia a spot on the list.

AFR uses Inventium, an Australian consulting firm, to determine who gets onto the Most Innovative Companies list. A panel of judges for each industry is also involved. The main criteria they use for who gets onto this list is how good the company is at solving a real-world problem and how uniquely they provide a solution. They also look at the company’s strategy, resources, process, and culture as they pertain to innovation.

Infinity Group Australia is headquartered in the Bella Vista, New South Wales area of Sydney. They also have locations in Brisbane, Melbourne, Cronulla, and Port Macquarie. This business is dedicated to making sure their customers have a great experience and their approach has proven to be effective. 100 percent of their clients are able to reduce their mortgages in just three months than they had in the entire year before coming to this company.

The team at this company believes that customers have gotten a bad deal from the big Australian banks. They are loaded up with debt and then not provided any help on how to go about reducing it. Many Australian families get trapped in a cycle of debt and end up never being able to make any significant headway on what they owe. Infinity Group Australia offers an innovative program that allows them to reduce this debt as quickly as possible.

Graeme Holm has been in the financial services industry since 2001. He is accredited to work in the financial planning, financial management, and real estate fields. His first 10 years in the industry took place with a few of Australia’s largest banks. He says that he was allowed to only push one brand of products and services which he found to be a very frustrating experience.

Eventually, he learned that the large majority of people in Australia were getting treated pretty shabbily by the big banks. He co-founded his company so that he could educate families about their financial matters and help them take control of their income and debt. Learn more:

Dr. Saad Saad: Initiating Global Medical Missions

Dr. Saad Saad: Initiating Global Medical Missions

Dr. Saad Saad is one of those who initiated a medical mission for the people of Palestine. He invited his colleagues who are coming from different countries with different specialties to go into Palestine and provide medical assistance to the people. He has seen how the people are suffering from the conflict in Palestine, and he wanted to extend his help to his people. He has a certification in pediatric and general surgery, and he has involved himself in a lot of humanitarian effort that would provide medical services to those who could not afford it. One of his colleagues told him that as a doctor, he should use his profession to help a lot of people around the world who do not get any medical attention. Because of the suggestion from his colleague, he started traveling around the world and offering medical missions to a lot of distressed communities. Learn more:



Aside from initiating medical missions, Dr. Saad Saad is also credited for several inventions that make surgeries easier, especially for surgeons. He developed a catheter and an endoscopic method that would enable the surgeons to do their work faster and more convenient; however, his inventions would still need to become more famous for the doctors to start using it. Aside from inventing new devices for the world of medicine, he is also credited for making it more comfortable for surgeons to do their operation because of the changes that he set in an operating room. He suggested a technique that would allow the air-conditioning system to be used at full force without the need for additional energy, which would also make it possible for the doctors to operate without being uncomfortable.



Dr. Saad Saad came from a Palestinian family who was living in exile in Kuwait. When he was younger, his family thought that he would become an engineer, just like his other siblings. However, they were surprised to find out that he would choose to become a doctor instead. His parents were ok with his decision, and he went to Egypt to pursue his medical degree. He was a hard-working student, and his persistence to succeed made him the 2nd best in class. He also had to move to the United Kingdom after he finished his studies in Egypt where he would be serving as an intern in a local hospital in England. He completed the internship, and he was finally handed his professional license.



Dr. Saad Saad felt that he could still study to attain a higher distinction. He took an examination in Lebanon and flew to the United States after he passed the test. He trained two additional courses, and after he graduated from studying general and pediatric surgery, he decided to settle in the United States and meet new people.

Why Shervin Pishevar Feels the Market Will Drop 6,000 Points

Why Shervin Pishevar Feels the Market Will Drop 6,000 Points

On February 5, 2018, the stock market experienced a dramatic drop. It is one of steepest drops it has experienced in recent history. This set off a Twitter storm by Shervin Pishevar, which produced a lot of buzz on social media. In 21 hours, he tweeted out 50 different points on why the stock market is heading downward, why it will continue to see more slippage in the future, and many other points about why the economic situation in the United States is doing so bad.

This drop in the stock market caused Shervin Pishevar to start using his Twitter account after it had experienced a dry spell. Shervin Pishevar is one of the co-founders of Investment company. He hadn’t used this social media account since mid-December when he announced he would be resigning from that venture capital fund. He is an entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist. He has received several awards and has been recognized for the work he has done. One example is when he was awarded the Ellis Island Medal of Honor in the year 2016.

Shervin Pishevar feels very strongly about the downturn of the US economy. He feels that the slippage that occurred on February 5 is just the beginning of a crisis that the market is going to experience in coming months. He specifically mentioned that he feels it will go down 6,000 aggregate points. He feels that this downturn has to do with too many tax giveaways as well as a rise in interest rates and credit account deficits.

According to Shervin Pishevar, big funds are at risk for failure in these difficult economic times. He was especially concerned with Managed Future Funds And Volatility Indices. Toward the beginning of the tweet storm, he said that when the market tanks, major funds get taken out.

There are also dark predictions for major companies in the US, including Google, Microsoft, and Apple. He says that these are monopolies that will likely experience a complete downfall or at least their influence will be diminished. This will ultimately fail the system at large. He feels that this is just the way evolution works, liking it to an old forest burning to make way for new trees.

Bob Reina: He Knows Success

Bob Reina: He Knows Success

It is important to know success in life. Once someone has tasted it and achieved it, they know how to teach it to others and have them obtain the same level of success. With Bob Reina, as a police officer and in the video technology world, he has had success. With success, there is credibility, which is something that goes a long way in today’s world. When it happens, things get taken to a whole new level. It allows them to have companies like Talk Fusion. Bob Reina created and founded Talk Fusion with his own two hands, and now with the help of his team and his crew, they have reached a whole new level.


More and more people are using it for their companies and they are using it to be seen by the public. The public is very honest, and they will let people know if they like something and they will also let people know if they don’t like something. They are always upfront about that. The cream always rises to the top, and that has certainly happened with people that have used Talk Fusion for their company. They started out with video emails and now they have video newsletters and video conferences. They have a little bit of everything to say the least in the video department.


It is what they pride themselves on and it is what they have won awards for in the past. They are sure to win more awards in the future as well. When an individual has success, they gain confidence and they start to feel better about their situation. They see what they can do when they set their mind to something and really go after it. They see they can accomplish anything and they will conquer all of their fears. Learn more:


Bob Reina has always stood at the front and center with Talk Fusion and has made sure the company has moved forward in a positive direction each year. He never wants the company to lose steam or fall behind. With Bob Reina’s keen vision, they will always have a plan in place to stay ahead in the future.

Betsy DeVos: For The People Or For Herself?

Betsy DeVos: For The People Or For Herself?

Can a person really be defined in simply one light or another? Perhaps if you are asking people about their opinion of Mrs. Betsy DeVos they would tell you “yes”. It seems that everyone has a strong opinion of the woman one way or the other.


She is someone who is both currently involved in politics, and someone who has been in that arena for a very long time now. Her involvement has of course made her more or less a divisive character. As such, it is up to each person to decide what she really is to them.


DeVos hails from a very wealthy family. Her family’s wealth helped her build out her own business empire, and before long she was able to make herself into a billionaire. It does help to have that kind of money behind you when you are pushing for any particular social, political, or economic issue. She doesn’t flaunt the money though, but rather uses it constructive to accomplish the things she wants to see done.


Ask any random person on the street about Betsy DeVos, and they will most likely point to her work for charter school access for children. Not only has she been on the board for school choice committees, but she has always strived for the goal of having access to charter schools for more children for practically her entire life. She has always wanted to see more of those youngsters get the chance to experience what those particular schools are like. She really believes that they provide a higher quality education in the vast majority of cases.


It is quite clear that DeVos intends to use at least some of her power as the Secretary of Education to push for more school choice programs. She has already proven successful at this on some level. The latest GOP tax reform bill did include a stipulation that allows for parents to now have a savings plan that doesn’t just have to be used for the cost of higher education, but can actually be used towards paying for a private K-12 education as well. Some say that this is really not that big of a change, but for those who believe in access to private education, this is a very big move indeed. It might not equate to much on a monetary level right at this very moment, but it does open the door to more of these type of expansions into the future. Learn more:


DeVos has been instrumental in getting some regulations changed to get more access for children of all income status families the right to get into charter and private schools. You don’t have to agree with her moves to understand that they are significant. She is surely one of the most impactful Secretaries of Education in a very long time.



     According to Matt Badiali, the buying of shares serves as a bet on what will happen in the future. All prices are set on what the investors feel making sentiments useful. When sentiments are low it is a good time to buy, when they are high it is an indication of a bad time to buy. Investors should get ready to profit now that the corn has hit rock bottom.

Matt Badiali encourages investors not to ignore Copper. The copper price has been on its highest since 2014, and this trend will keep going with the shift to electric vehicles. An industry report, Reuters indicates that nine-fold increase in copper demand will be driven by the revolution of electric vehicles. This is a result of the number of electric vehicles rising to 27 million in 2017 from 3 million in 2017. He advises investors to get into the copper market as the demand for copper rising leads to price rise.

Matt Badiali recommends this as the best time to buy oil companies due to the rise in oil prices. This has been contributed by the constant barrage of production by Saudi Arabia stating in the last couple of weeks on OPEC maintaining its production cuts. Also, Demand for US partially refined oil is on the rise with exports to Europe Increasing. Last year, exports to Central, South America, and Mexico rose.

About Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali has studied natural resources for over two decades and holds a Bachelor of Science in Earth Sciences from Penn State University. He has a Master in Geology from Florida Atlantic University. He has taught geology at the University of North California and the Duke University. He is considered an expert in the energy, agricultural and mining industries as he has, explored abandoned mines, worked on drilling rigs, to make profitable investments in natural resources.

Matt Badiali research has taken him around the world from the Yukon to Singapore, Mexican desert, Papua Guinea, Hong Kong, Haiti, Switzerland, and to Iraq. He constantly meets with precious metal experts, CEOs and resource investors to stay in touch on trends, discoveries, and latest technology. He has shared the stage with T. Boone Pickens the legendary oilman, chairperson of Pan American Silver, Ross Beaty, and CEO of Sprott US Holdings is his friend and mentor.

Currently, Matt Badiali is an editor of Real Wealth Strategist at Banyan Hill. He has a go-anywhere, hands-on and talk-to- everyone approach, to his investments research and prospects.

There’s an old saying about copper being the metal with a Ph.D. in economics. What that means is that copper is…

Posted by Matt Badiali on Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Ted Bauman and his Low-risk Investment Strategies

Ted Bauman and his Low-risk Investment Strategies

     Ted Bauman is credited for various roles in his life, and his knowledge and expertise have helped him to become an editor, investment-strategist, fund manager, consultant on housing and urban planning, and more. He traveled across all the major economies around the world, identified potential opportunities in every country, and specialties of those countries. Due to that reason, Bauman is not interested in doing business and saving all his wealth in one particular country and uses a strategy of not all eggs in one basket. He says that different countries offer different possibilities, and a smart investor should be tapping such opportunities. For instance, he thinks that Costa Rica provides significantly affordable healthcare.

Similarly, Oceanside properties in Uruguay are a highly convenient option for peaceful living. Also, someone who wanted to do the best banking can get the assistance of Switzerland-based banks. Interestingly, Bauman is known for providing detailed information on various investment opportunities and personal solutions to help people. He also publishes a monthly newsletter focusing on smart investment options called The Bauman Letter, which he founded in 2013 by joining hands with Banyan Hill Publishing, a leading investment advisory publication based in Delray Beach, Florida. The publication is a widely accepted and discussed one among the investors and industry experts alike.

Apart from that, Bauman also serves as the editor of Alpha Stock Alert and Plan B Club, which are working to provide advisory tips on asset protection, international migration issues, privacy, and low-risk investment options. A major part of his career, Bauman was helping people to improve their lives and was working away from corporate greed or governmental surveillance. While he was a young man, Bauman shifted to South Africa and completed his graduation from the University of Cape Town in Economics and History. The next 25 years, he collaborated with the nonprofit sector of the country and predominantly served as a fund manager to low-cost housing projects.

Bauman helped to found Slum Dwellers Internationals – a nonprofit group working on urban poor eradication measures – during his South African days. Later, in the 2000s, he started working as a consultant in housing, urban development, and finance for various clients including the United Nations, European grant-making agencies, the World Bank, the government of South Africa, and more. In the year 2008, Ted returned to the United States and started collaborating with Habitat for Humanity International as the Director of different International Housing Programs. He continued with the group until he decided to collaborate with Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013.


Paul Mampilly Views The Future With Great Optimism

Paul Mampilly Views The Future With Great Optimism

     Paul Mampilly’s origin can be traced back to India, and it is hard work that that earned him an excellent position at Wall-Street. His success in the financial world was enabled by the experience that he had gained in financial matters. Paul’s career kicked off in 1991, and he has since worked with multinational organizations such as Private Swiss Banks, ING, Royal Bank of Scotland, and Sears.

The excellent record associated with Paul Mampilly is what makes big companies keep going after his advice on financial matters. In the course of time that Paul worked at Wall Street, he managed to guide over 50,000 investors into making investments that resulted in significant profits. Such success has continually been following him, and this has made him be known as the best investment strategists of all time. In the past, he participated in a competition that was held by the Templeton Foundation, and he emerged as the best.

His advice on financial matters is something that is highly valued, and this has made him appear on television stations such as Bloomberg TV, Fox Business News, and CNBC. Paul’s exit from Wall-Street led him to start publishing a weekly journal known as Profits Unlimited as a way of helping those in the society who needed to make high return/risk investments. He admires the fact that he can be able to reach a wider group of people using his journal, unlike when he was locked up in an office at Wall Street only giving services to large organizations.

Paul believes that everybody has a fair shot at investing in the stock markets and becoming wealthy through the process. The only thing that Paul believes potential investors should learn to overcome is the fear of losing money. Furthermore, people always lose money through different processes on a daily basis. Paul sees his weekly journal as a stepping stone that individuals can use to gain a little bit of confidence and start investing. Additionally, he looks at the Internet of Things and Mega Millennials as two major trends that will end up creating the largest pool of investment opportunities.

Impressionable facts about Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero

Impressionable facts about Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero

     Mexican media platforms have experienced tremendous growth over the past years, and most individuals in the country are active on social media. Most Tv and radio stations no longer rely on the government revenue and support to deliver their products, and as a result, a lot of revolution has taken place in media. Besides, TV stations no longer put a lot of attention on broadcasting political and government based news but rather broadcast whatever they think suits their viewers. The various media platforms including Televisa target to transmit well-rounded issues including cultural, social as well as economic issues emerging in the Mexican society.

Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero is one of the major media stars that has profoundly contributed to a remarkable change in the operations of the modern television and other types of media. He is the chief financial officer at Grupo Televisa, and through his experience, he has helped to revolutionize the operations of the press platform. His expertise has enabled Grupo Televisa to outshine most of the other types of media through the various products that it streams to address the needs of all its viewers.

The financials also acts as the administrative vice president at Grupo Televisa and is also an independent director at Consorcio ARA, S.A C.B. Besides, the prolific financial administrator formerly served as the general manager and financial analyst at Comercio Mas besides acting as the Vice president of financial planning at Grupo Televisa. Additionally, Rafael has been the director of Grupo Televisa for quite a while and has contributed to the process of strategic planning of the company to come up with the best tactics to attract more viewers as well as provide the best services.