Dr. Saad Saad: Initiating Global Medical Missions

Dr. Saad Saad: Initiating Global Medical Missions

Dr. Saad Saad is one of those who initiated a medical mission for the people of Palestine. He invited his colleagues who are coming from different countries with different specialties to go into Palestine and provide medical assistance to the people. He has seen how the people are suffering from the conflict in Palestine, and he wanted to extend his help to his people. He has a certification in pediatric and general surgery, and he has involved himself in a lot of humanitarian effort that would provide medical services to those who could not afford it. One of his colleagues told him that as a doctor, he should use his profession to help a lot of people around the world who do not get any medical attention. Because of the suggestion from his colleague, he started traveling around the world and offering medical missions to a lot of distressed communities. Learn more: http://www.jerseyshoreuniversitymedicalcenter.com/jsumc/newseventsandclasses/pressreleases/Press-Release.cfm?customel_dataPageID_2021=495087



Aside from initiating medical missions, Dr. Saad Saad is also credited for several inventions that make surgeries easier, especially for surgeons. He developed a catheter and an endoscopic method that would enable the surgeons to do their work faster and more convenient; however, his inventions would still need to become more famous for the doctors to start using it. Aside from inventing new devices for the world of medicine, he is also credited for making it more comfortable for surgeons to do their operation because of the changes that he set in an operating room. He suggested a technique that would allow the air-conditioning system to be used at full force without the need for additional energy, which would also make it possible for the doctors to operate without being uncomfortable.



Dr. Saad Saad came from a Palestinian family who was living in exile in Kuwait. When he was younger, his family thought that he would become an engineer, just like his other siblings. However, they were surprised to find out that he would choose to become a doctor instead. His parents were ok with his decision, and he went to Egypt to pursue his medical degree. He was a hard-working student, and his persistence to succeed made him the 2nd best in class. He also had to move to the United Kingdom after he finished his studies in Egypt where he would be serving as an intern in a local hospital in England. He completed the internship, and he was finally handed his professional license.



Dr. Saad Saad felt that he could still study to attain a higher distinction. He took an examination in Lebanon and flew to the United States after he passed the test. He trained two additional courses, and after he graduated from studying general and pediatric surgery, he decided to settle in the United States and meet new people.

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