Everything You Need To Know About Daniel Taub’s Diplomatic Career

Everything You Need To Know About Daniel Taub’s Diplomatic Career

Daniel Taub was born, raised and schooled in the United Kingdom. Soon after his junior schooling, he attended several universities in the United Kingdom and later on moved to Israel in the year 1989. In the Israel Defense Forces, he served as a combat medic and after that, served as a reserve officer in the international law section of the military.

Just after arriving in Israel, he got a job as President Chaim Herzorg’s speechwriter and soon after that, joined the Israeli Foreign Ministry in the year 1990.

He is widely known to be a very patriotic man to the Israel nation because in the nation’s 64th birthday, he performed a song in a party together with his wife and six children.

Taub is by all means a diplomat. In the Israeli Foreign Ministry, he has held very many posts. Being an expert in international law and with a strong bias for counter terrorism law and the law of war, he was able to serve the nation as a Principal Legal Deputy Adviser in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

He also served as the nation’s legal adviser in New York as well as Geneva. Israel also entrusted him with representation in many legal multilateral fora. During the Palestine-Israel peace process, he was extensively involved and played a very big role in negotiating a lot of agreements reached by both sides. He was also involved in the nation’s negotiating team in the Israel-Syrian negotiations. Learn more about Daniel Taub: http://www.everipedia.com/editor/dtaub/ and http://www.behance.net/danieltaub

At the International Court of Justice hearings, he headed Israeli’s delegation on the nation’s barricade barrier. He was also endowed with representing Israel before the UN investigative committee on an incident referred to as the Gaza Flotilla.

In the year 2011, he was appointed the Israel Ambassador to the Court of St. James. That appointment made him the second UK-born Israeli to be appointed an ambassador to Britain.

In his tenure as ambassador, Daniel Taub placed a very strong emphasis on technology and trade links. He was responsible for starting the Bizcamp start-up competition that was in conjunction with Google.

Not only is he a well respected diplomat, he is also a public speaker and lecturer who is well known for his witty homour. He lectures widely in universities and policy institutes not just in Israel, but abroad as well.

Having grown in Britain, he contributed immensely to a seamless harmony between the two countries. He also writes frequently on matters Israel and Middle East regularly with some of his articles having appeared in The Times as well as The Daily Telegraph.

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