Gregory Aziz, CEO of National Steel Car

Gregory Aziz, CEO of National Steel Car

For more than 100 years, National Steel Car has been in the forefront in providing the best railroad products and trucks that are durable and of good performance. As the owner, Gregory James Aziz is always gratified because of the strides National Steel Car has made. He is constantly thankful to his employees for holding his company down and always in the lead in innovation and making many products.


Gregory J Aziz plays three roles in the company; he is the chairman, CEO and president. Born in Hamilton Ontario in 1949, he attended Ridley College and majored in economics in University of Western Ontario. After studies, he went to do business selling food in their family wholesale outlet called Affiliated Foods. His efforts managed to add the company value. Affiliated Foods became a household name globally. They sold merchandise in Eastern Canada and USA.

At National Steel Car, he took over the firm after making immense sacrifices and savings. Greg Aziz managed to acquire the whole company which was under the ownership and management of Dofasco. When he took over the organization in 1994, he wanted to make it the best engineering plant in the world. Greg Aziz went to large scale production of vehicles because he had enough factors of production for mass manufacture of merchandise.


With a sufficient labor that was very qualified, he constantly increased the number of cars produced from 3500 units to 12000 units of cars. The record numbers were unique and sales in Canada and USA went up because of the good cars coming out of the factory.


People who have jobs in the firm are more than 3000 as by 1999. As at now, they have employed more innovative employees who can steer the company to higher levels of competition to set standards for competitors to simulate. They boast of being the only firm that creates railroad freight cars in USA. Find Related Information Here.

National Steel Car is ISO certified and has been continuously recognized by large organizations like TTX SECO with the highest award. Because he is generous, Gregory Aziz contributes funds and is involved in the operations of the Hamilton Community. Many foundations like the way he supports good courses and the lucky ones include; United Way, Theatre Aquarius, Salvation Army and Hamilton Opera just to name a few. In festivals and holidays, he usually invites former employees so that they can celebrate together the achievements made by the company.


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