How Securus Technologies Is Making Prisons More Safe

How Securus Technologies Is Making Prisons More Safe

Why Do We Need Technology In United States’ Prisons

Recently, OG Brandy published an article about the Securus Wireless Containment Solutions System. This is a system that has been introduced by Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies created this containment solutions technology in order to keep cell phone contraband out of the hands of inmates. Within the last few years, the country has been shocked and horrified by live videos, pictures, and other reports that show that inmates have been using cell phones in prisons. Even though contraband is completely restricted in all US correctional facilities, family members, friends, and associates have been able to smuggle these contraband telephones into several correctional facilities.


What Does Securus Technology Do For Correctional Facilities?

The Wireless Containment Solutions technology is made to prevent phone calls from leaving the premises at any correctional facility. This is technology that creates its own network, and the network does not allow phone calls to be made from the facility. It also prevents phone calls from coming into the facility. Securus Technologies is a company that is based in Dallas Texas, and they serve more than 2700 correctional facilities in the United States. Securus Technologies is a company that is committed to quality service for their clients. They are able to give service through the following technologies: incident management, bio metric analysis, investigation, wireless containment solution, and incident management systems.


How Robert Johnson Got Onboard published an article Robert Johnson. Johnson is an ex correctional officer who worked in the Lee Correctional Institute in South Carolina. In 2010, Robert Johnson was shot by an individual who had been put up to killing him by an inmate who was incarcerated at the prison where Johnson worked. The inmate who ordered the hit was an individual who was in possession of a contraband telephone. Fortunately, Robert Johnson was able to get out with his life, and now he is an avid supporter of Wireless Containment Solution Technology in all prisons. The criminal who burst into Johnson’s home shot him multiple times in the stomach. Johnson was able to get in contact with the authorities and get needed help before it was too late. Johnson is an individual who has seen firsthand the damage that a simple cell phone can create, and that is the reason why he is determined to disconnect inmates’ cell phones in order to keep prisons safe.


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