NewsWatch TV Airs Avanca’s Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign in its Review Segment

NewsWatch TV Airs Avanca’s Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign in its Review Segment

NewsWatch TV has in the course of its existence proven to be a trusted provider of news on diverse topics. It enjoys a wide audience across the United States, which is one of the qualities that lure brands like Avanca. The brand hired the news source to promote its Indeigogo crowdfunding campaign with the goal set at $10, 000, which was to be attained in a 30-day duration. In this case , NewsWatch TV was required to feature a one minute promotional piece as part of its reviews.


According to Nathalie van Wijkvliet, the CMO of Avanca, the Indiegogo campaign served was the send time Avanca was working with NewsWatch TV. The results of their working related relationship was successful, in that Avanca raised $456,551. The collected amount surpassed the set target by more than 29 times. Furthermore, Nathalie attributed the campaign’s success to NewsWatch TV and acknowledged the news source for an excellent working relationship.


About NewsWatch TV


NewsWatch TV takes pride on being a reliable source of breaking health, technology , entertainment , travel ,and consumer news. It currently airs on a weekly basis on the ION Network with The AMC Network featuring the bi-monthly episodes. Andrew Tropeano serves as the show’s host while various reporters including Susan Bridges, Eric Forrest and Amanda Forstorm conduct the special reports. What’s More, NewsWatch TV has an audience of over 96 million household countrywide.


NewsWatch TV Reviews has featured over 10,000 individual stories covering a wide array of subjects like travel, finance, public policy issue, automotive, and medical breakthroughs among many others. In fact, the show has proved to be a favorite spot for many top celebrities and entertainers in America. They appear on the show to give insight into the latest causes they support among other issues. Some of the celebrities who have been featured include Will Smith, Mila Kunis, Denzel Washington, and Vin Diesel among many others. (


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