Why Shervin Pishevar Feels the Market Will Drop 6,000 Points

Why Shervin Pishevar Feels the Market Will Drop 6,000 Points

On February 5, 2018, the stock market experienced a dramatic drop. It is one of steepest drops it has experienced in recent history. This set off a Twitter storm by Shervin Pishevar, which produced a lot of buzz on social media. In 21 hours, he tweeted out 50 different points on why the stock market is heading downward, why it will continue to see more slippage in the future, and many other points about why the economic situation in the United States is doing so bad.

This drop in the stock market caused Shervin Pishevar to start using his Twitter account after it had experienced a dry spell. Shervin Pishevar is one of the co-founders of Investment company. He hadn’t used this social media account since mid-December when he announced he would be resigning from that venture capital fund. He is an entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist. He has received several awards and has been recognized for the work he has done. One example is when he was awarded the Ellis Island Medal of Honor in the year 2016.

Shervin Pishevar feels very strongly about the downturn of the US economy. He feels that the slippage that occurred on February 5 is just the beginning of a crisis that the market is going to experience in coming months. He specifically mentioned that he feels it will go down 6,000 aggregate points. He feels that this downturn has to do with too many tax giveaways as well as a rise in interest rates and credit account deficits.

According to Shervin Pishevar, big funds are at risk for failure in these difficult economic times. He was especially concerned with Managed Future Funds And Volatility Indices. Toward the beginning of the tweet storm, he said that when the market tanks, major funds get taken out.

There are also dark predictions for major companies in the US, including Google, Microsoft, and Apple. He says that these are monopolies that will likely experience a complete downfall or at least their influence will be diminished. This will ultimately fail the system at large. He feels that this is just the way evolution works, liking it to an old forest burning to make way for new trees.



Jeunesse Global Product Lines

Jeunesse Global Product Lines

Jeunesse is a direct sales company that sells its health and wellness products through independent distributors. As a growing company, its reach is quickly extending throughout the world, and its popularity is growing as thousands of individuals every year discover its research-backed products. Begun in 2009, Jeunesse has continued to expand into Europe, Asia and even Africa. The founders, Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis continue to work with the company and provide direction to boards, producers, researchers, management and distributors.

Jeunesse sells all of its products through direct sellers, allowing clients to get products quickly and to have access to superb customer service. All of the products speak for themselves, and customers are rarely if ever displeased by these anti-aging and health-related products. With nine major product lines, there is a product for everyone whether an individual is looking for a weight loss program, an energizing supplement or an anti-aging lotion. From head to toe and from outside to inside the body, Jeunesse addresses all major concerns associated with the ability to live an energized life even as one gets older.

For the skin, Jeunesse offers three major lines. With Instantly Ageless cream, users can quickly vanquish lines and bags beneath the eyes as well as fine lines and wrinkles across the face. Wherever the skin has drooped or sagged, Instantly Ageless can lift and tone. Luminesce is a full skin care line designed specifically for adding a healthy, youthful glow back to aging skin. For women looking for professional-quality makeup, NV provides the look of an airbrushed finish with a primer, foundation and bronzer that use a micro-mist for a natural look.

Products that can be used internally to improve the mind and body while protecting the body against chronic disease include AM/PM Essentials, Reserve antioxidants, M1ND for memory and concentration, Finiti, Naara and Nevo,

Finally, the ZEN Project-8 line provides help for those who need to clean up their diets, detoxify their tissues, burn fat and sculpt the body.

Taken together, Jeunesse products can help individuals experience great quality of life with healthy bodies and vibrant skin.


The Life of Desiree Perez

The Life of Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez has worked long and hard to become the successful person she is today. She did it with the support of the people around her.

Desiree talks about Jay-Z because he was recommend to get another Grammy which would have been his 8th time getting nominated. This says a lot for a singer because there are tons of different tones out there and tons of different ways of singing. There is not just one certain way to make music.

Desiree has been the chief of ROC national since the year 2009 which is a really long time for a person to work just one job. She has several different types of jobs that she works. She could do something in Business, labeling, or even publishing. All of these such things can be done by her. There have been deals she’s done with famous people and they have worked along side her to get what needs to happen be done. She has done what she has done for over 2 decades and she works to make things successful for her clients. She has been called skilled in what she does and assists Jay-z in launching sports bars, and even lounge in New York. She worked with famous people especially Rhianna get several deals with several different people. This is just a few of the things she does for her clients when she works for them. This makes her job so much easier. To like the people you work with makes everything better than working with the people that you don’t really like.

If there is something you need to be assisted with this is a person you should meet.

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Bob Reina: He Knows Success

Bob Reina: He Knows Success

It is important to know success in life. Once someone has tasted it and achieved it, they know how to teach it to others and have them obtain the same level of success. With Bob Reina, as a police officer and in the video technology world, he has had success. With success, there is credibility, which is something that goes a long way in today’s world. When it happens, things get taken to a whole new level. It allows them to have companies like Talk Fusion. Bob Reina created and founded Talk Fusion with his own two hands, and now with the help of his team and his crew, they have reached a whole new level.


More and more people are using it for their companies and they are using it to be seen by the public. The public is very honest, and they will let people know if they like something and they will also let people know if they don’t like something. They are always upfront about that. The cream always rises to the top, and that has certainly happened with people that have used Talk Fusion for their company. They started out with video emails and now they have video newsletters and video conferences. They have a little bit of everything to say the least in the video department.


It is what they pride themselves on and it is what they have won awards for in the past. They are sure to win more awards in the future as well. When an individual has success, they gain confidence and they start to feel better about their situation. They see what they can do when they set their mind to something and really go after it. They see they can accomplish anything and they will conquer all of their fears. Learn more: http://inspirery.com/bob-reina/


Bob Reina has always stood at the front and center with Talk Fusion and has made sure the company has moved forward in a positive direction each year. He never wants the company to lose steam or fall behind. With Bob Reina’s keen vision, they will always have a plan in place to stay ahead in the future.

Cassio Audi; The Heavy Metal Legend

Cassio Audi; The Heavy Metal Legend

Icon, Legend, Musical Genius; words to describe Cassio Audi. Cassio Audi brought the heavy metal scene to life when he performed as a drummer and singer in the 1980’s and showed his raw talent. He played in the band Viper with four talented members, all teenagers at the time, and released their first demo album called The Killer Sword in 1985. Tracks included on this album were Signs of the Night and Nightmare. Their first album was released in 1987 called Soldiers of Sunrise that included tracks Knights of Destruction and Soldiers of Sunrise. Soldiers of Sunrise sold more than ten thousand copies and was one of the greatest hits in the music industry in Brazil. Along with the release in Brazil, the album was also released in Asia, Europe, and USA. Other popular songs were Knights of Destruction, Wings of Evil, and Killera, all released in 1987. Audi spent his time composing and arranging the songs for the band. The dedication that he had was unreal that many people don’t realize until in-depth research unleashes it all. The entire band focused on improving their talent far and above what fans expected. Audi and the group were inspired by Iron Maiden and other British heavy metal bands. Audi, however, inspired other musicians in the rock world due to his extreme and insane power on the drums. Although the band was considered pop/rock genre, a more appropriate sound would be power metal, thrash metal, and alternative rock. Audi is from Brazil but his name is recognized all around the world. His music was so massive that Viper became iconic in the heavy metal band industry and played shows in Europe and America. Fans could see the Audi’s and the band’s talent and that they had a great future. In 1989, Audi left the band even though the second album was extremely successful.

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Larkin & Lacey

Larkin & Lacey

President Trump granted a pardon to Joe Arpaio in November 2017. Why was this important and why did it cause an uproar, especially involving the infamous remark attributed to Rex Tillerson calling the President a moron. Former Sheriff Joe Arpaio was about to be sentenced for ignoring a court order by a Arizona federal judge.

Joe Arpaio was accused for illegally rounding up Latino immigrants in Maricopa County, Arizona, as well as torturing and racial profiling local Latino residents. The court order called for a cease and desist demand which Mr. Arpaio ignored and thus he was jailed.

What does all this mean? Let’s go to our backstory which begins with the award-winning journalists Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey are former editors and publishers of print and online publications like the Village Voice Media, Backpage.com, and the New Times tabloid. Messrs. Lacey and Larkin have a tumultuous history with Joe Arpaio. Lacey and Larkin have been the spying eyes on Joe Arpaio who called himself ‘America’s Toughest Sheriff.’

Former Sheriff Joe Arpaio poorly served the Maricopa County for more than 24 years. The journalists continually reported on the illegal activities of Mr. Arpaio toward the Latino community and some questionable personal activities.

One night in October 2007, then Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his team burst into the home of Lacey and Larkin. They were arrested, and their documents and paperwork were confiscated.

Standing on the principle that this arrest was unconstitutional because of the First Amendment, the grassroots community, the American Civil Liberties Union in Arizona, politicians, and many civil rights organizations arose in an uproar against this illegal arrest. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Michael Lacey | Facebook

The journalists were released from jail within two days and Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin filed a law suit against the Maricopa County officials. Five years later a trial was held where they were found not guilty. Lacey and Larkin were also awarded $3.75 million which they used to create the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund.

The Frontera Fund is an organization which supports human and civil rights for all people. The key to the pardon of Joe Arpaio by President Trump is based on what a pardon means. Former Sheriff Arpaio was accused of actual crimes of rape and physical imprisonment against the Latino community of Maricopa County.

But a pardon means that any crimes or former offenses against Mr. Arpaio are erased from his records. However, very interestingly, many Arizona residents believe that without a pardon, the Joe Arpaio would not have served any jail time.

The response by Michael and Jim on Arpaio’s pardon included their comment that the federal judge’s orders were totally ignored and that it is an injustice that Joe Arpaio will not be held responsible for his crimes. It was reported to Rex Tillerson for using the words moron after he heard about the pardon!

Joe Arpaio tried to run for Sheriff again in Maricopa County, but he was utterly defeated. Publication eyes are still watching the future of Joe Arpaio because Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin created an online news publication called the Front Page Confidential which reports on threats against the First Amendment.

Matt Badiali: Revealing the Secrets of the Wealthy

Matt Badiali: Revealing the Secrets of the Wealthy

Becoming prosperous these days is not easy, but there are ways on how to become rich. Matt Badiali is a writer for the Banyan Hill Publishing Company, and he recently shared a video explaining how everyone can be rich in the easiest way possible. He highlighted the potential of freedom checks to become the next big thing in the field of investing. To explain how it could be a great source of income, he explained in his video that these checks are solely dependent on the performance of the company providing them. The mechanics are pretty similar to the trading aspect of the stock market, but there are fewer restrictions. For example, teenagers can freely invest in these checks because their ages would not have to be verified. For them to receive their checks or dividends, all they have to do is to present the proof that they bought the check. Matt Badiali agrees that the new investment platform has a lot of breaches, but he explained that it is currently being worked on by the people behind the system. Visit the website freedomchecks.com to learn more.

To persuade the people, Matt Badiali made his video a viral hit, and he explained everything that the people should now. He started with a brief history of how the freedom checks were created. According to him, the Congress passed the Statute 26-F several years ago to provide an incentive for companies who would like to open up a business in the field of oil and petroleum. However, for them to enjoy the exemption from tax, they would have to make sure that their operations are being conducted in the United States or at least 90 percent of it. They would also have to promise that they will be providing the public with freedom checks if they would be asking from them. After seeing that the companies are eager to follow what the United States government wanted, the Statute 26-F was passed by the Congress, and it was transformed into a law.

The companies which have benefited from the law then formed their alliances, called the master limited partnerships. Together, they are working to educate the public about freedom checks, and how they could obtain their checks and watch it grow. Matt Badiali has contributed a lot to the public, and he stated that he would continually do it until everyone is wealthy enough and no one is already worrying about their next meals. Read more: https://moneymorning.com/2018/03/08/the-truth-about-freedom-checks-not-a-scam/



The Successful Career of Investment Guru Paul Mampilly

The Successful Career of Investment Guru Paul Mampilly

Is there such thing as an investment guru? Investing, in any form, is a tricky business and requires years of experience to even begin to make the right decision. Even with years of experience, the best investment experts still come to the wrong conclusion every once in a while.

If people are looking for a good source of investment advice, who can they trust? While naysayers will say no one can be trusted, many aspiring investors trust Paul Mampilly. Paul Mampilly used to be the best hedge fund manager on Wall Street, and he managed billions of dollars worth of clients’ assets.

Currently, Paul Mampilly uses his expertise to teach mainstream Americans about investing. His vessel of choice, a newsletter he created called Profits Unlimited. Profits Unlimited, published by Banyan Hill Publishing, is one of the most trusted investing newsletters in the world.

Paul Mampilly is so good at what he does; he’s been on numerous financial shows, including CNBC, FOX Business News, and Bloomberg TV. His newsletter guides people to potential stocks that he believes are primed to skyrocket at any moment. The shocker: his newsletter actually makes people money. Follow Paul on Twitter.

There’s an endless barrage of financial experts claiming to know how to make anyone money quickly. Mostly, these scam artists use books and seminars and claim they can teach everyone everything they’ll need to know to become millionaires overnight. Paul Mampilly only helps people make some money here and there; he’s not claiming to make people billionaires.

His humble approach to teaching and guiding his subscribers is the reason so many people trust him. Over the years, Profits Unlimited attracted more than 90,000 people to his pages. These people want to make money, and for the most part, they do every time they listen to Paul Mampilly.

Profits Unlimited is not the only newsletter works on; he has many jobs at Banyan Hill. There’s also a small weekly column he writes called Winning Investor Daily. Apart from his writing, he also manages two trading services he started: Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum.

Since leaving Wall Street, his life is more fulfilling. According to his own words, he left Wall Street because he grew tired of making rich people richer. He also didn’t like the fast pace greed of Wall Street. Visit: http://sovereignsociety.com/meet-the-experts/paul-mampilly/


Igor Cornelsen Is A Highly Reputable Investment Advisor

Igor Cornelsen Is A Highly Reputable Investment Advisor

Igor Cornelsen is one of the leading investment advisors in the industry and he runs his own investment firm.

Many people want to know how to choose the right investment advisor or investment vehicle for their particular situation. To get started in the investment field, you need to find out how things work in the industry. View interview.net about Igor Cornelsen

If you are in need of financial planning or money management advice, it’s extremely important that you consult a reputable professional. Getting investment advisory or financial planning is not something to be handled lightly.

There are many financial planners and money management experts offering a variety of financial services to clients but it’s advisable to do your research before deciding on the best firm for your needs. Many people go with Igor Cornelsen due to his high quality service and proven track record.

Do you want to get the best possible outcome in your investment venture? Then consider getting in touch with Igor Cornelsen right away. Igor Cornelsen has a great reputation in the investing field and has been providing advice and guidance for many years. Many clients rave about the top notch advisory service his firm provides.

Experience and performance in the investment advisory field, are crucial when choosing an advisor. Before hiring an investment advisor or financial planner, it’s important find out how long the professional has been providing services to clients.

It is also important that you feel comfortable working with the advisor you choose. Therefore, it is always a good idea to request a consultation so you can meet with the advisor and ask any questions you may have about their experience. If you hire a seasoned professional like Igor Cornelsen, you can rest assured that you will receive the information and advice you need to achieve a great result.

For many years, Igor Cornelsen has remained true to his vision of putting his clients’ interests first. Igor Cornelsen is passionate about guiding his clients to their ultimate goal of investment success and he has the resources and industry connections to accomplish that. Read more: http://igorcornelsen.wikidot.com/


Felipe Montoro Jens Business Owner and Developer

Felipe Montoro Jens Business Owner and Developer

Felipe Montoro Jens is a successful business owner who is excited about the future. He has had a great career in various industries. Felipe Montoro Jens started as a farmer who owned a few acres of land. He enjoyed farming, but he struggled to increase his income. He decided to attend college and get a degree in business. It was hard for him to work and go to school.

After he started working at a large company, he decided to start his own business. Although the first few years were stressful, Felipe Montoro Jens now owns a successful small business.

Mentoring Others

Felipe Montoro Jens enjoys mentoring young business owners in the community. One of the reasons that starting a successful business is difficult is that few people can talk to successful business owners. Felipe Montoro Jens gives practical advice to people who want to run a successful company. He firmly believes in operating a business with minimal debt. There were times when he almost went bankrupt due to high debt levels in his company.

Felipe Montoro Jens is also a strong proponent of online marketing. He utilizes new technology to expand his reach to customers. Online marketing is a proven way to increase sales in his industry.

Business Plans

Felipe Montoro Jens wants to continue expanding his company in the coming years. He is currently working on a new portfolio of products to offer customers. He believes that additional products and services will improve his company in the future. Even though he has a busy schedule, Felipe Montoro Jens enjoys working with customers and developing his business. He is excited about the different projects that he is working on. Anyone who wants to learn about operating a business should get advice from Felipe Montoro Jens.

Learn more: http://frenchtribune.com/teneur/25613-felipe-montoro-jens-details-his-vision-future-brazils-privately-owned-corporations