Impressionable facts about Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero

Impressionable facts about Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero

     Mexican media platforms have experienced tremendous growth over the past years, and most individuals in the country are active on social media. Most Tv and radio stations no longer rely on the government revenue and support to deliver their products, and as a result, a lot of revolution has taken place in media. Besides, TV stations no longer put a lot of attention on broadcasting political and government based news but rather broadcast whatever they think suits their viewers. The various media platforms including Televisa target to transmit well-rounded issues including cultural, social as well as economic issues emerging in the Mexican society. As a result, the media platforms cater for the various needs of different individuals because every person has a particular genre that they like.

Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero is one of the major media stars that has profoundly contributed to a remarkable change in the operations of the modern television and other types of media. He is the chief financial officer at Grupo Televisa, and through his experience, he has helped to revolutionize the operations of the press platform. His expertise has enabled Grupo Televisa to outshine most of the other types of media through the various products that it streams to address the needs of all its viewers.

The financials also acts as the administrative vice president at Grupo Televisa and is also an independent director at Consorcio ARA, S.A C.B. Besides, the prolific financial administrator formerly served as the general manager and financial analyst at Comercio Mas besides acting as the Vice president of financial planning at Grupo Televisa. Additionally, Rafael has been the director of Grupo Televisa for quite a while and has contributed to the process of strategic planning of the company to come up with the best tactics to attract more viewers as well as provide the best services.

Securus Technologies Catching Contraband and Helping Law Enforcement

Securus Technologies Catching Contraband and Helping Law Enforcement

Contraband has always been a big problem within inmate correction facilities. Used as a form of money, the inmate’s bribe, win people over and gain power in the system by having it and offering to provide it in return for loyalty. Sometimes that includes silence. That silence can be breached with the use of the technology that Securus Technologies offers to the women and men of law enforcement. This is how.


Securus Technologies has been providing the inmate communications system to corrections faculties for years now. Located in Dallas, Texas where they create new technology for law enforcement today, they monitor the conversations of the inmates. Securus Technologies serves law enforcement, 3,450 public safety and more than 1,200,000 of America’s inmates.


When I read the statistics on how many inmates reveal information once they are inside, I was amazed. you would think that an inmate would realize that they have no privacy while they are in prison. Still, they reveal information all of the time that can lead to solving cases and preventing abuse inside.


One of the neatest things that this technology has now done is catching contraband being gathered that is illegal. This is often used to gain power and influence in the facility by the inmates. Now that contraband can be caught, taken and stop the use of it within the facilities. That makes the prisoners safer, the corrections officers safer, by breaking the gangs up, and protects against other abuses within the inmate population.


What 1,200,000 inmates will do next remains to be seen, but for now, the contraband can be seized, cases solved and other aspects of the criminal justice system made far safer for everyone involved. It is highly efficient at what it does. As all law officers know, control over the population must be had by the officers if the inmates are to be safe and rehabilitating.


The Finest Wine Investment Company

The Finest Wine Investment Company

The production and labeling of wine is a tricky feat, and even more so if you are located in France. UKV PLC goes the extra mile to make sure their product is the top of the line. They know how important the French appellation system is to their labeling of wine.

Wines that are not made in France are typically labeled by the grapes, but for those that are made in France, their labeling or naming is a based on the region of origin. Notable regions would be Burgundy, Bordeaux, Champagne and Loire. Burgundy being in high demand, Bordeaux ranging from low to high prices, Champagne coming from northeastern France where the climate is cooler and Loire being the most diverse. With UKV PLC, you are able to get more valuable fine wine because it is an independent wine company.

UKV PLC is a company that purchases and supplies the finest wines in Italy, Spain and France. Their workers include very experienced wine consultants who can show you to the best wine for you. Some of the prestigious wines they carry are Lafite, Rothschild, Chateau Lafite, Mouton Rothschild and Latour along with Champagne.

If there is interest in this company, you can find more information, some in depth descriptions of wine and pictures on Twitter or Facebook.

When questioning whether to be an investor or not, the biggest thing to consider is quality and the investment of the company itself. When it comes to UKV PLC, they do not buy or supply any wine or champagne that is anything less than the finest. It is also seen that their team is top of the line. They have people who take their profession seriously and know the best wines and where to get them.

How Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are Involved in Fighting for Migrants Rights

How Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are Involved in Fighting for Migrants Rights

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are renowned journalists have contributed a lot in funding the groups that advocate for human, civil and migrants rights. The two journalists are the founders of Phoenix New Times. They have been involved in funding the rights of migrants in Arizona.

Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund

The non-profit organization was founded by Lacey and Jim to fund the groups that are fighting for the migrants’ rights. The court awarded the money that they use in funding other organizations as a settlement after they won a case. The sheriff had arrested the journalist because of the article they had written about him. They established and disclosed the grand jury proceedings about the sheriff.

However, Michael Lacey and Jim Larking sued the county, and they were awarded $3.75 million after winning the case. Their success in winning the case is attributed to their continued fight for the First Amendments Rights. The journalists are using the money to fight for the rights of the immigrants. $3.75 million settlement fund has benefitted many organizations that are advocating for the human, civil and the rights of the migrants. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

NNIRR organization

The non-profit organization is involved in fighting for the rights of the immigrants. The group has entered into a partnership with other organizations to improve the efficiency of service delivery. NNIRR has negotiated for the improvement of the labor costs for the immigrants.

The committees of the group have instituted policies which are fundamental in advocating for labor costs. The objective has been achieved by putting in place the networks that promote their work. The group has utilized the funds from Lacey and Larkin to enhance their operations in fighting for the rights of the immigrants. Many immigrants have visited the organization to report the problems affecting them in the society.

ACLU Immigrants’ Rights Project

The group is in the forefront in ensuring that the immigrants are accorded civil and human rights. The group was founded by Mike and Jim who are ensuring that the immigrants are treated equally as by the law. The organization employs the advocacy and outreach programs to achieve its objectives. The Supreme and district courts have assisted the group to carry out the litigation programs. Read more: Phoenix New Time

The group has helped many immigrants in fighting for human rights. The legislations which used to prevent the immigrants from getting equal justice have been abolished by the organization. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have used part of the settlement to fund the organization to achieve its objective. The funds are used in ensuring that the immigrants accorded equal justice in the court of law.

The organizations which advocate for civil, human and the immigrants have improved the standard of living of the immigrants by fighting for their rights. Fighting for the rights of the people requires a lot of funds which are used in employing the lawyers.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have assisted the groups through the funds that they award to them. The money is used to improve the operations of fighting for the immigrants’ rights in the organization.

Alfonso De Angaita Noriega Is the In-disposable Treasure of the Grupo Televisa

Alfonso De Angaita Noriega Is the In-disposable Treasure of the Grupo Televisa

     Mexico; the Spanish speaking nation is well developed regarding communication technology; media and entertainment. Media has evolved from the primitive era when a journalist would be held hostage for airing their views since then freedom of speech was limited and controlled by the government or some top authority. Apparently, the industry freely expresses different opinions without being coerced to a certain direction.

The Grupo Televisa is the oldest media company in Mexico having been established in 1950, although it presently has other auxiliary units within the parent company. Other top companies in the land include MVS Comunicaciones founded in 1967, Cinemex of 1993 and the recent one Evoga Entertainment of 2000. The Grupo Televisa opened a newspaper company, Grupo Reforma, 1922 and Grupo CIE OF 1990. These companies are headquartered in Mexico City and Broadcast within it.

About Alfonso de Angoita Noriega

He is the managing director and the Executive Vice President of the Grupo Televisa, S.A. which is a media company and the largest among the Spanish speakers. Alfonso de Angoita is passionate about rising above the bar, and with this, he has been able to move the Grupo Televisa forward. Through his position, he has masterminded the financial planning of the company and closed a $1.2 billion contract with the Univision.

Before joining the Grupo Televisa, Alfonso de Angoita Noriega worked with the White & Case in the New York City. He is the founding partner of the Mijares law firm where he was in charge of administration and finance. As the legal expert, he was the personal counsel of Grupo Televisa’s Chief Executive Officer, Emilio Azcarraga after the death of his predecessor and father Emilio Azcarraga Milmo. He has a law degree from the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM).

At the Grupo Televisa, Alfonso Angoita has been a director, executive member and now the group’s V.P. he has been associate director for the Formento Economico Mexicano, Grupo Financiero Banorte, Empresas Cablevision and the Pepsi Bottling Group Mexico. Alfonso has been philanthropic through the American School Foundation and as the board of trustee of the Kardias A.C.

Todd Lubar Talks about the Baltimore Area

Todd Lubar Talks about the Baltimore Area

Todd Lubar recently offered an insight into his native area of Baltimore. He acknowledged that the area has received negative and positive news coverage in the recent years. He admits that when it comes to news and trends about business owner’s rights and real estate developers, there is a lot to talk about. Todd Lubar admits that the people of Baltimore are turning historic landmarks and older buildings to apartments to cover the high cost of housing in the area. He gives an example that can be found at 10 Light Street. This is an area where the ground level has been converted to a training center and an expansive gym. Another scenario is the conversion of Bank of America building into unique apartments in the area of Baltimore.

According to Patch, Todd Lubar then says that the Baltimore area is becoming a preferred destination for young people living and working in Maryland. He attributes this from the fact that housing in Washington D.C. is very expensive. This makes it a prime area for young professionals and recent graduates looking to make a life for them in the area. Also, Todd Lubar appreciates that things are likely to improve in the coming years as the level of unemployment has gone down. Rising wages are also likely to improve the purchasing power of the young professionals. This will, in turn, give the economy the push that it has been waiting for. Check out Medium to know more.

Another reason why things are opening in the Baltimore area is the fact that Baltimore is very friendly to start-up companies. The conditions in Baltimore give business room to thrive especially that the local trends support the development. This is good news for Todd Lubar and the real estate industry. Areas like Harbor East continue to attract young professionals as it offers a wide variety of dining options as well as top quality shopping for many millennial. Other than these two factors, the area is known for its apartment options and many condominium designs. At the moment, a lot of construction is taking place in the area to cater for the demand. Todd Lubar is a real estate mogul who owns Legendary Properties.


UKV PLC Is a Wine Making Company That Is Placing a Tremendous Amount of Importance on its Sanitation and Fermentation Processes

UKV PLC Is a Wine Making Company That Is Placing a Tremendous Amount of Importance on its Sanitation and Fermentation Processes

     UKV PLC is not your ordinary wine making company. Many wine makers have been known for producing wine products that are much less than high quality. This can often be judged by the taste it has and the feeling it leaves those who drink it with. The taste may taste more watery than wine that has undergone the proper processes of production. Such a production process is referred to as fermentation. Fermentation consists of converting a wine’s sugars into alcohol by allowing it to sit out for some time. If wine is not fermented properly, it is very possible the product will turn watery and may even have those who drink it feeling sick. You don’t want to invest in a wine product that has been produced improperly, as it will ultimately be a bad investment for both your pockets and your health.

UKV PLC is a winemaker that places importance on its manufacturing plants’ sanitation processes. Just like many wine making companies do not necessarily place much importance on the fermentation processes of their products, many also do not place much importance on the sanitation processes. As a result, there may be bacteria in their products. Please do not make the mistake of investing in companies that do not place much importance on both the production or fermentation processes.

If you would like to see what the product that is produced by UKV PLC is about, please feel free to visit the website, as it is one that’s been beautifully engineered and designed so that any and all who visits it will be able to browse through its sections with ease. The website’s customer service representatives will also happily assist you with any questions and/or concerns that you may have pertaining to the product. Please feel free to contact them at any time.

Visit for more.


George Soros Uses A Lifetime of Wealth to Create a More Open Society

George Soros Uses A Lifetime of Wealth to Create a More Open Society

George Soros, the self-made billionaire and philanthropist, has become famous both for his investment knowledge and his commitment to liberal causes. In his early years, he was a Hungarian Jew under Nazi then Communist occupation, before becoming a refugee in London, England during the late 1940s.

In London, he would discover the two things that would later become his driving passions in life: finance and the open society. At the London School of Economics, he earned a degree in finance and developed an investment genius that would make him a billionaire several times over.

Learn more:

The other thing he learned in school was a more serendipitous. In 1947 he picked up and read a book Karl Popper, a liberal thinker whose idealistic views of society were just starting to come into being. Karl Popper believed in what he called the “Open Society,” a world where people of all ages, backgrounds, beliefs and dreams could come and live together in harmony. It heavily critiqued totalitarianism, and strongly supported the philosophy behind science and learning.

For a person who had grown up seeing Nazi Germany and the excesses of Communist Hungary, it may be little surprise that George Soros fell in love with Karl Popper’s idealism. The book’s essential teachings in support of democracy, individual rights, and the necessity of having an open exchange of ideals would strongly influence much of George Soros’ charitable giving and future Foundation.

After graduating from the London School of Economics, George Soros moved to New York City. There, he found a niche among the other traders on Wall Street, and soon became a very well-known and respected trader on the stock exchange. He worked for other investors for nearly twenty years before beginning his own Fund, originally called the Soros Fund.

The 12 million dollars in initial investments grew rapidly under the Soros investment strategies and he became one of the wealthiest investment traders in the world. Over the next four decades, George Soros would see his wealth grow to an estimated net worth of 26 billion dollars, and at age 85 he was the 21st richest man in the world.

Even as his wealth grew, George Soros did not stray far from the philosophy of liberalism and tolerance that he first encountered between the pages of Karl Popper’s books. He wanted to see the open society that he’d read about come into being, and that’s why he named his foundation The Open Society.

The primary goal of The Open Society Foundation is to promote the educational, political, and social climate necessary for democracy and the open exchange of ideas to exist. George Soros has donated millions of dollars to non-profits whose aims align with his own.

Julia Jackson Helps Empower Young Women to Succeed

Julia Jackson Helps Empower Young Women to Succeed

Julia Jackson is the youngest daughter of Jess Jackson and Barbara Banke, well-known vineyard owners in California. She was born in San Francisco in 1988. As a child she and her siblings would pick and sort grapes, to learn the value of hard work. During summer vacation and after school, she worked at several of the family’s wineries.

Julia currently works as a spokeswoman for Cambria Estates, a company owned by her mother. She claims that the family businesses are not chasing after new trends or trying to attract a specific type of clientele. They are just making good wine.

Julia Jackson claims her mother is her role model, having worked alongside her father for the entire time they were together. In 2014, she started Cambria Seeds of Empowerment, a program that promotes women who have overcome great obstacles and hardships in life to reach success. The organization awards $100,000 a year to nonprofit organizations the promote equality and community spirit.

Cambria Estates is an example for Cambria Seeds of Empowerment. Julia and her sister Katherine are vintners, her mother handles operations, and their winemaker is a woman named Denise Shurtleff. Julia credits her father’s emotional stamina for making him a success.

Julia’s mother has honored her two daughters by naming vineyards after them. In 2010, Julia’s Vineyard Pinot Noir was named a Wine of the Year. She and her family plan to continue to make the same quality wines for years to come, while focusing on promoting women in the business as they do it. Read more on

Fabletics Offers Women Plenty of Choices in Athleisure Category to Choose From

Fabletics Offers Women Plenty of Choices in Athleisure Category to Choose From

The world of fashion is growing and evolving at a rapid pace, and one of the most popular trends these days is that of athleisure apparels. More or less, every fitness clothing company out there offers athleisure apparels of various sizes, designs, colors, and patterns these days.



However, one of the firms that have grown to become a preferred choice among the women consumers is Fabletics. In a relatively short period, Fabletics has grown to become one of the most popular brands in the athleisure market and have stood tall in a competitive market that is dominated by another large e-commerce portal such as Amazon.



Fabletics is a company that is owned and managed by Techstyle Fashion Group, which is co-owned by Kate Hudson, Don Ressler, and Adam Goldenberg. Techstyle Fashion Group operates other famous brands such as Shoe Dazzle and Fab Kids as well.



Kate Hudson, who is known across the globe for being a Golden Globe winner for the best actress category and is a fitness role model to millions of women, has played a huge role in the success of Fabletics. As a brand ambassador, she has helped in enhancing the popularity of the brand and also made Fabletics an aspirational brand that the target audience can relate with. It helps in making customers loyal towards the brand, and also adds value to the brand in the long-term.



Fabletics also managed to climb the ladder of success in a relatively short period because of the reverse showroom technique. It is seen that the customers scroll through the products in the physical stores and then go on to buy similar products online at a discounted price.



However, Fabletics has eliminated such a possibility by building itself as a brand that offers great quality products at the most affordable price in the market. It is for this reason after the company gained substantial growth and momentum in its online business; it started opening stores across the country. At present, it has 18 stores across the United States, and as per Don Ressler, CEO of Techstyle Fashion Group, several hundred new stores would be launched in the next five year or so across the globe.



Fabletics aims at the target audience that is health and fitness conscious, and it also seeks to inspire people to get inclined towards healthy living. If you are looking to join Fabletics as a member, don’t forget to take the Lifestyle Quiz offered at their official website.