Creative Visions of Fashion Showcased by the Academy of Art University

Creative Visions of Fashion Showcased by the Academy of Art University

In the Huffington Post article, The Future of Fashion: Academy of Art University NYFW Shows by Stephan Rabimov, New York Fashion Week was the stage for the Academy of Art University School of Fashion designers to showcase their collections. On September 9,2017 the School of Fashion had its twenty first runway showcase at Skylight Clarkson Square. The article displays a video of the show, as well as beautiful photos of the individual favorite designs with corresponding designer statements.


Since 1929 the Academy of Art University has been offering graduate and undergraduate programs in design, communication and the arts. Classes are available online as well as on campus. The campus is located in the heart of San Francisco, which allows students to experience the finest in the arts and inspiration for future designers.


The Academy of Art University ( expresses that all students desiring a profession in art and design should be able to fulfill that dream. Once accepted, students will have access to instruction from a faculty highly experienced in the area they are teaching, as well as an excellent student-faculty ratio. Students will be able to experience hands on learning due to being located in one of the finest artistic and cultural hubs in the nation. Online students, who might have limited access due to location or time restraints, will also be able to fulfill their ambitions with outstanding online courses.


The School of Fashion allows students to showcase their work at New York Fashion Week as well as the Annual Graduation Fashion Show in San Francisco. Several career paths in the fashion industry are available, with students having access to state of the art tools and cutting-edge facilities to enhance creative collections.


The designs that were on view at New York Fashion Week, as shown in the article, are a wonderful example of the caliber of talent at the Academy of Art University. The opportunity to showcase designs by such gifted students is one of the experiences that make the Academy of Art University an outstanding choice for students in art and design.


Malcolm Casselle Successful Culture In Boosting Start-ups’ Financial Fortunes

Malcolm Casselle Successful Culture In Boosting Start-ups’ Financial Fortunes

WAX is a new decentralized, radical economy that was created for people who participate in virtual games. Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) was developed as a marketplace for game assets. These assets are virtual and are acquired through tokenized game items. WAX gives gamers platforms to exchange their game assets at reduced transaction costs. Games which previously did not have the asset exchange option can also now trade assets and profits via WAX.


These assets and tokens transferred are regulated by Transfer Agents from Guilds formed out of the token holders signed up for the system. These Transfer Agents are responsible for overseeing the transfer of items through WAX. Their job is to monitor the tokens and makes sure that they are tied to the asset even after they have been transferred.


WAX is currently headed by Malcolm CasSelle, who is best known as an international entrepreneur. Before his career at WAX CasSelle was the president and the Chief Technology officer at Tribune Publishing; now known as tronc. Before tronc, Malcolm CasSelle was the CEO of SeaChange International which after Timeline Labs was acquired when he was the CEO.


Malcom CasSelle has headed some start-ups such as the joint venture between Groupon and Tencent. Others have been Xfire, a social network of over 22 million gamers and MediaPass, a company which was formed to manage digital subscriptions for dominant media houses. CasSelle invested heavily into Zynga and Facebook during its initial stages in the tech industry. His passion for investing in start-ups has seen him currently investing in companies dealing with the Bitcoin.


CasSelle has had success with his own companies which he co-founded. NetNoir made history when it was accepted into the America Online (AOL) program. Before NetNoir, the program did not take outside companies. His other company that he co-founded was Pacific Century CyberWorks (PCCW). This publicly traded Telco is currently valued at over $35 billion and is based in Hong Kong. During the early stages of PCCW Malcom CasSelle was successfully involved in making sure that the company had the billions needed for its IPO. Malcom CasSelle is a graduate of Stanford and MIT with a degree in Computer Science.

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How Gregory Aziz Grew National Steel Car

How Gregory Aziz Grew National Steel Car

For many large companies it is rare to be able to pinpoint one specific person that has truly guided the company to success over many decades of hard work (think Bill Gates). Yet, for National Steel Car, the world leader in the engineering and manufacturing of railroad freight cars, that is not the case. Gregory J Aziz has been a driving force that has pushed National Steel Car to greatness.

Gregory J Aziz is currently the Chief Executive Officer and President of National Steel Car, as well as Chairman of the National Industries Inc . The company is headquartered in Hamilton Ontario and has been there for over 100 years. National Steel Car is a key block in Canada’s manufacturing sector. In fact, it is the largest manufacturer of railroad cars in all of North America. The company employs thousands of people in Hamilton.


Greg Aziz majored in economics at the University of Western Ontario before deciding to bring his business knowledge to his family’s business. He had a smart eye for growing a business. When he started with his family’s company, Affiliated Foods, in 1971 that company was a regional wholesale food business. Through the years, Greg James Aziz grew the company to become a global distributor of fresh foods. After a 16-year tenure working with the company it was distributing fresh foods to all major wholesale markets across the United States and Canada.

Aziz then worked for an investment banking company where he saw success. National Steel Car was one of his clients and in 1994 he facilitated the purchase of the company from a previous owner. This purchase brought National Steel Car back to its former glory. It took National Steel Car from being the largest rail freight car manufacturer in Canada to be the largest in all of North America. Check Out This Article for additional information about Greg Aziz and his company, National Steel Car.


After the purchase, Aziz started his career with National Steel Car. Right away he placed a focus on growth. He was passionate about not only expanding the company, but expanding the workforce. Investing in human capital has always been important to Greg Aziz. In just a few years he was able to successfully grow the company from a team of 600 to almost 3,000 employees. With more hands-on deck, National Steel Car rapidly expanded its production. When Aziz started with the company they were producing about 3,500 cars per year. Three short years latest their production was up to nearly 3,000 rail cars per year.



Gregory Aziz, CEO of National Steel Car

Gregory Aziz, CEO of National Steel Car

For more than 100 years, National Steel Car has been in the forefront in providing the best railroad products and trucks that are durable and of good performance. As the owner, Gregory James Aziz is always gratified because of the strides National Steel Car has made. He is constantly thankful to his employees for holding his company down and always in the lead in innovation and making many products.


Gregory J Aziz plays three roles in the company; he is the chairman, CEO and president. Born in Hamilton Ontario in 1949, he attended Ridley College and majored in economics in University of Western Ontario. After studies, he went to do business selling food in their family wholesale outlet called Affiliated Foods. His efforts managed to add the company value. Affiliated Foods became a household name globally. They sold merchandise in Eastern Canada and USA.

At National Steel Car, he took over the firm after making immense sacrifices and savings. Greg Aziz managed to acquire the whole company which was under the ownership and management of Dofasco. When he took over the organization in 1994, he wanted to make it the best engineering plant in the world. Greg Aziz went to large scale production of vehicles because he had enough factors of production for mass manufacture of merchandise.


With a sufficient labor that was very qualified, he constantly increased the number of cars produced from 3500 units to 12000 units of cars. The record numbers were unique and sales in Canada and USA went up because of the good cars coming out of the factory.


People who have jobs in the firm are more than 3000 as by 1999. As at now, they have employed more innovative employees who can steer the company to higher levels of competition to set standards for competitors to simulate. They boast of being the only firm that creates railroad freight cars in USA. Find Related Information Here.

National Steel Car is ISO certified and has been continuously recognized by large organizations like TTX SECO with the highest award. Because he is generous, Gregory Aziz contributes funds and is involved in the operations of the Hamilton Community. Many foundations like the way he supports good courses and the lucky ones include; United Way, Theatre Aquarius, Salvation Army and Hamilton Opera just to name a few. In festivals and holidays, he usually invites former employees so that they can celebrate together the achievements made by the company.


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Obsidian Energy Ltd is a medium-sized oil and gas producing company in Calgary Alberta along the sedimentary basin of western Canada. The company was earlier the Penn west exploration, Penn west energy Trust, and Penn West petroleum until June 26th, 2017. It was among the sixty largest companies on the stock exchange of Toronto and became a Canadian Royalty Trust from 2005 to 2011 attaining its market capitalization of US $9.5 billion approximately. The core sources of production zones comprise the Alberta Viking, Peace River oil sands, and the Pembina Cardium.

Changing the name to Obsidian Energy was approved by the stakeholders of Penn West. The CEO, Dave French, revealed that the reason behind choosing the name was because obsidian was a volcanic gas, naturally occurring and could be easily ‘sharpened and honed.’ For belonging to Canadian royalty trusts, the company’s dividends were not taxed at a consistent dividend rate and as a return on its capital but not on investments hence an advantage even to the United States. The government ultimately collapsed obliging the trusts to pay similar taxes as the corporations. The dividends were in the long run cut since all trusts converted to businesses. The currently obsidian in January 2011 switched to a conventional company from the Canadian royalty trusts.


The Obsidian Energy Ltd has a balanced holding of quality assets that produce roughly 30000 boes daily. The organization and its assets promote an entrepreneurial spirit needed in the business industry for exceptional entrepreneurial outcomes. The company carries out its mandate with passion, discipline and full accountability to its partners, stakeholders and the community around it. All this has been a positive turn around by the company and as result, the company is now enjoying a great period of success.


Obsidian Energy Ltd, through its community matters program, aims at positively impacting the communities in which it lives and functions. It carries out its daily operations responsibly, respectfully and openly interacting with its area residents in addressing their concerns, mitigating oil and gas operational impacts with a goal of minimizing the effects on the environment through their environmental programs.


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Obsidian Energy, Incorporating High Tech Operations In Oil And Gas Production

Obsidian Energy, Incorporating High Tech Operations In Oil And Gas Production

The Chief Executive Officer of Obsidian Energy, David French, made his remarks concerning the change of the company’s name and their next move. The renaming was the final wrap-up to the transformations that had been put into place. David insists on upholding the company’s major principles which include relentless pursuit of innovation and progress, disciplined commercial and technical decision making in protecting enterprise value, and lastly accountability and transparency in their operations. Obsidian Energy has a favorable position and prudent hedging strategies and plans to utilize its valuable assets.


The resolutions put in place have been approved by their esteemed shareholders. Obsidian Energy has its location in Alberta where it harbors both oil and gas fields. The fields are suitably situated along the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin which prides in being the world’s biggest petroleum reserves. Major production takes place in three major points which include the Pembina Cardium, the Alberta Viking, and the Peace River oil sands. The company is an intermediate size and has a well-balanced portfolio of high valued assets.


Utilizing these available resources with the organization’s high-tech equipment offers a sufficient platform for them to deliver outstanding results. The organization is based on an entrepreneurial spirit which has played a major role in boosting their success in the evolving industry. Discipline, relentless hard work, and passion are values that all personnel at Obsidian Energy are subjected to in order to meet the demands of their partners, shareholders, and the communities they serve.


Before the name change, the company was called Penn West Petroleum Ltd. Penn West had to undergo significant reforms and changes that cut across all their business aspects. This drove them to redefine the company and make major decisions on how and where they wanted to direct its growth. With the changes put in place, the company has come out leaner, more capable, and stronger than it ever was. The new path would now be followed by Obsidian Energy, to represent a new beginning.


Obsidian Energy is committed to ensuring that they bring a positive impact not only in the industry but also with the communities they come into contact with. They have environmental programs which seek to be at par with all environmental regulations. This is made possible through resource conservation, stakeholder communication, and proper reclamation practices.


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What You Need To Know About Obsidian Energy

What You Need To Know About Obsidian Energy

Formerly known as the Penn West Exploration Ltd, Obsidian Energy is a medium-sized company that specializes in the production of natural oil and gas, and is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. For some time, Obsidian managed to emerge as one of the top sixty largest natural oil and gas producers between 2005 and 2011. In 2008, Obsidian Energy managed to reach the peak of its production by accumulating a total of US$9.5 Billion as its gross profit.


Work Experience


Due to the significant drop in the prices of oil that took place back in 2014, the company faced manacles of financial crisis that actually had a great impact on its performance over a short period of time. The major drop in the oil prices compelled the management to sell some of the company’s assets and even do some restructuring so that it could be able to cover the debts. The above-mentioned process took place within two years following the financial instability that Obsidian Energy underwent.




The obsidian Energy plants are situated in Alberta around the basin known as the Western Sedimentary Basin. This region is also known to be the world’s best and biggest oil reserve as compared to the ones in the Middle East. Alberta receives production from three major areas before being supplied to the market; the three regions include the Pembina Cardium, Alberta Viking, and River Oil Sands. According to reliable sources, the gross 2017 production is eluded to be 31,000 bbl on a daily basis.


Though the company faced a number of challenges that came as a result of a significant drop in the prices of oil in the world, it still managed to survive. It is, therefore, safe to conclude that the management that was regulating the duties undertaken by the company at that point did an amazing job. By carefully allocating the scarce resources that were available at that moment, the company managed to spring back to life and make some more profits that enabled it to expand its operation within the nation.


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All You Need to Know About Rodrigo Terpins – Brazil Rally Sports Champion

All You Need to Know About Rodrigo Terpins – Brazil Rally Sports Champion

Born in a sporting family, Rodrigo Terpins is a successful rally driver from Brazil. His father, Jack Terpins, is a decorated basketball player and president of Maccabi Latin American Confederation. His younger brother, Michel Terpins, is also a skilled rally driver. Rodrigo is a businessman, an active member of Bull Sertoes rally team which also includes his brother and serves as the director of T5 Participacoes.

Rodrigo’s passion of rallying started at a tender age, and the excellence of his father in sports pushed him into pursuing racing as a career. His success has made him a household name in his country by gracing the off-road championships and his agility to trounce his competitors like a routine. At the age of 44, Rodrigo and his teammate successfully completed the 22nd edition of Sertoes rally, which stretched across 2 states and considered to be the largest off-road race. The race was designed to test driver’s physical and mental agility as well as dynamics, and he ranked 8th out of 38 competitors. He also won the 24th edition of the race ranking at 5th in overall standings.

Apart from racing, Rodrigo Terpins also advocates for other causes and interests including arts, children, science and technology. Having worked in several fields prior to joining rallying, he has developed a capability to blend personal objectives and the community needs. His consistency and determination for success serves as a driving force that aspiring drivers look up to.

Rodrigo Terpins has often been quoted testifying how he uses his past rallies to inspire him become more successful. Rodrigo says that rally racing requires several skills to handle the rough terrains, veer through dirt roads and without slowing down, navigate courses. In addition to physical endurance, a driver must also know about racing mechanics. An experienced driver must always find a way to overcome all barriers in order to be a champion in rally sports. And that is what makes motorsport more exciting according to him. You can visit Vimeo to see more videos.


Ted Bauman and his Low-risk Investment Strategies

Ted Bauman and his Low-risk Investment Strategies

     Ted Bauman is credited for various roles in his life, and his knowledge and expertise have helped him to become an editor, investment-strategist, fund manager, consultant on housing and urban planning, and more. He traveled across all the major economies around the world, identified potential opportunities in every country, and specialties of those countries. Due to that reason, Bauman is not interested in doing business and saving all his wealth in one particular country and uses a strategy of not all eggs in one basket. He says that different countries offer different possibilities, and a smart investor should be tapping such opportunities. For instance, he thinks that Costa Rica provides significantly affordable healthcare.

Similarly, Oceanside properties in Uruguay are a highly convenient option for peaceful living. Also, someone who wanted to do the best banking can get the assistance of Switzerland-based banks. Interestingly, Bauman is known for providing detailed information on various investment opportunities and personal solutions to help people. He also publishes a monthly newsletter focusing on smart investment options called The Bauman Letter, which he founded in 2013 by joining hands with Banyan Hill Publishing, a leading investment advisory publication based in Delray Beach, Florida. The publication is a widely accepted and discussed one among the investors and industry experts alike.

Apart from that, Bauman also serves as the editor of Alpha Stock Alert and Plan B Club, which are working to provide advisory tips on asset protection, international migration issues, privacy, and low-risk investment options. A major part of his career, Bauman was helping people to improve their lives and was working away from corporate greed or governmental surveillance. While he was a young man, Bauman shifted to South Africa and completed his graduation from the University of Cape Town in Economics and History. The next 25 years, he collaborated with the nonprofit sector of the country and predominantly served as a fund manager to low-cost housing projects.

Bauman helped to found Slum Dwellers Internationals – a nonprofit group working on urban poor eradication measures – during his South African days. Later, in the 2000s, he started working as a consultant in housing, urban development, and finance for various clients including the United Nations, European grant-making agencies, the World Bank, the government of South Africa, and more. In the year 2008, Ted returned to the United States and started collaborating with Habitat for Humanity International as the Director of different International Housing Programs. He continued with the group until he decided to collaborate with Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013.


Sussex Health Care Provides Ultimate Care

Sussex Health Care Provides Ultimate Care

When the need of a quality health care service arises whether it is for an elderly loved one, or persons with disabilities, families want to be assured that the facility has an A plus rating. The Sussex Health Care facilities offer unmatched services and received accreditation from the Health Quality Service for two consecutive years.

The care and support service centers have been providing the ultimate in quality care for individuals for over twenty five years. After the achievement of the Investors in People standard, also in the year 2003, Sussex Health Care went ahead to obtain the International standard, which made it the only Health Care and Support Center in the United Kingdom to be the recipient of dual accreditation.


Sussex Health Care is a group of homes that provide care for the elderly, persons with disabilities, dementia, and neurological disabilities. They offer a home like atmosphere for their patients, and welcomes the visits and attention from families of the patients that they serve. They are staffed with skilled, certified, and qualified medical personnel and highly trained care givers. Each person, regardless of their disability or illness, receives the same personal care and attention from each staff member on This includes, but not limited to, the social aspect of one’s life, which is an essential part of good health. The Health Care system also recognizes the importance of recreational and leisure time for the many patients that they care for. According to each home provides a program of activities to motivate, stimulate and interest the patients.

For patients who are ambulatory, there are many outside excursions available. They can be taken on outings outside of the facility, and enjoy walks around the facility. Some patients who require the use of a wheel chair can also enjoy these special privileges. Being active helps the patients to maintain their abilities and skills, and allows them to learn new ones. The management team at Sussex Health Care are professional who are experienced in this field. They also operate under the guidelines of their Policy Group. At Sussex Health Care, the goal is to be the largest provider of of quality health and nursing care services in the surrounding areas. The services provided are based on individual needs, and are delivered by the best professional team of doctors, nurses, technicians, and caregivers. Your loved one is in excellent hands with the concerned people at Sussex Health Care facilities.

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