Rocketship Education: A Beacon to the Surrounding Communities

Rocketship Education: A Beacon to the Surrounding Communities

The education system in America is lacking. Parents all over the country are looking for alternatives for their children. They want their children to have the best opportunities available to them. With women like Betsy DeVos, the current Secretary of Education, champing the cause of school choice parents feel more empowered to make these decisions than ever. Charter schools are becoming more popular. Rocketship Education understands the need that is being created in people of lower socioeconomic statuses and children of the various cultural backgrounds. They do not have access to the additional educational resources that are available to other members of the population. Rocketship Education is built on a foundation that is tailored towards people of these groups. In fact, about 75% of the population for Rocketship Education’s institutions speak English only as a second language.

As Rocketship Education grows it also seems as though their list of detractors grows as well. A recent article published through NPR discusses some of the concerns that people have with Rocketship Education. The problem with this article is that many parents and faculty members agree that it is completely one-sided. They feel as though Rocketship Education and their standards are completely underreported or lacking. A contrast piece on and this can be found at the Washington Monthly. This piece attempts to balance out some of the information featured in the NPR discussion. It seems that NPR believes that some of the figures reported by Rocketship Education are reliant on fraudulent testing policies.

Officials assure parents and the public that testing policies remain congruent with the national standards. Students are not permitted to retest simply because they did not receive a score that they believe is acceptable. In fact, the prevalence of retesting in Rocketship Education facilities is quite low. It seems that much of the discussions within the NPR article are simply attempts to target the institution instead of exploring it. Rocketship Education is dedicated to the concept of educating people in a way that is meaningful to them. There alumni and parents speak for themselves. The work that they are doing continues to be a beacon to the surrounding communities.

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