Securus Technologies Catching Contraband and Helping Law Enforcement

Securus Technologies Catching Contraband and Helping Law Enforcement

Contraband has always been a big problem within inmate correction facilities. Used as a form of money, the inmate’s bribe, win people over and gain power in the system by having it and offering to provide it in return for loyalty. Sometimes that includes silence. That silence can be breached with the use of the technology that Securus Technologies offers to the women and men of law enforcement. This is how.


Securus Technologies has been providing the inmate communications system to corrections faculties for years now. Located in Dallas, Texas where they create new technology for law enforcement today, they monitor the conversations of the inmates. Securus Technologies serves law enforcement, 3,450 public safety and more than 1,200,000 of America’s inmates.


When I read the statistics on how many inmates reveal information once they are inside, I was amazed. you would think that an inmate would realize that they have no privacy while they are in prison. Still, they reveal information all of the time that can lead to solving cases and preventing abuse inside.


One of the neatest things that this technology has now done is catching contraband being gathered that is illegal. This is often used to gain power and influence in the facility by the inmates. Now that contraband can be caught, taken and stop the use of it within the facilities. That makes the prisoners safer, the corrections officers safer, by breaking the gangs up, and protects against other abuses within the inmate population.


What 1,200,000 inmates will do next remains to be seen, but for now, the contraband can be seized, cases solved and other aspects of the criminal justice system made far safer for everyone involved. It is highly efficient at what it does. As all law officers know, control over the population must be had by the officers if the inmates are to be safe and rehabilitating.


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