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The Industrious Wes Edens

The Industrious Wes Edens

Anyone that knows Wes Edens would likely say he is indeed a very bright guy. As the Founder and Principal of Fortress Investment Group, he clearly has had accomplishments in his career that are indicative of someone that knows how to make smart, and timely, moves in business. These are the people that we should watch for future trends. Wes Edens is giving us yet another look at what is coming with his new venture, Brightline. This is the only privately owned and operated rail service in the country.

The important market this rail service is aiming to serve is those who often take trips that are too long to drive, yet too short to fly. In the northeast, we disproportionately speak train with our jammed highways and grossly populated communities. There is so much more that can get done on a train, than sitting in a car, and it is easier to get on and off a train than a plane these days. Brightline could not have a better name.

Currently Brightline operates 3 routes, 2 of which have been running since January and the other newest route, Miami-Dade to Miami Central, started just 3 months ago. The 2 that have been operational since January go from Orange County to the Orlando Airport and the other goes from Palm Beach to West Palm Beach. The market is there for this kind of relaxed, leisurely travel as opposed to driving the often tourist-clogged highways in Florida. Riding a train is just such a great, ecologically-friendly way to travel, it is a surprise that Brightline is the only private company handling this mode of transportation, which is likely why Wes Edens tapped into it.

Educated at Oregon State University, Wes Edens has gone on to make the most of his education. In addition to his many years of work in the financial industry, he also co-owns the Milwaukee Bucks, an NBA franchise. Some of the most successful people are truly the most industrious; they are never involved in just one enterprise or venture at any given time, but rather have their hands in several pots. Wes Edens latest venture with Brightline will make many travelers happy he put his hand in that pot in particular.