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The Truth About Freedom Checks

The Truth About Freedom Checks

Summary of “How to Get Your Cut of $34.6 Billion in Freedom Checks”

Earlier this year the tax plan was passed by the government, which is good news for both companies and regular taxpayers. For companies, it means that they will have more tax breaks. For many taxpayers, it means they will be given part of $34.5 billion the government pays out in August. All that these taxpayers need to have done is adhere to a specified investment strategy. How much they will get will depend on how much they invested. This investment strategy is known as Freedom Checks. To take advantage of these payouts, participants must have been positioned in the plan by July 1.

Company’s who have had at least 90 percent of their revenue derived from transportation, storage, and processing and production of natural resources, must distribute its revenue to stakeholders in the form of Freedom Checks. This distribution is necessary for the company to be considered a tax-free entity. This year the oil company is expected to do extremely well that the distribution given to their stakeholders is estimated to be about $34.6 billion. All individuals of all age levels were eligible to take part in this particular investment program, with only as little as $10 required to participate.

Summary of “What are Freedom Checks and is the whole thing legit?”

In the past few months, there has been much said on the radio about what is called Freedom Checks, a purported government program that gives company stakeholders access to part of a $34.6 billion payout. There has been much concern that it is nothing more than a scam. Although there has been a lot of praise for it online by various reviewers, an investigation has shown that the majority of the time these reviewers have a financial interest in getting people to sign up. Behind the whole thing is a man named Matt Badiali. While his system is not a scam, he and all of his “reviewers” make it sound much better than it actually is.

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