The Leadership of Ronald Fowlkes

The Leadership of Ronald Fowlkes

There is much relevant information you can read about leaders today who succeed in providing people with various services and products. However, not many of them are worthy of emulating. One of the leaders today who seem to show a track record worthy of following is Ronald Fowlkes, the Business Development Manager of Law Enforcement and various commercial products being offered to the public by Eagle Industries Unlimited.


One of the pertinent and primary information you can learn about Ronald Fowlkes is that he’s a leader who’s able to offer a quality customer response strategy for the company he’s running. He’s also the person responsible for touring around the states to provide product education to his company’s clients. He has been managing over 50 sales personnel in the industry, and he’s been the man in charge of various developmental products as well as in sales.


As an employee of the Department of Defense Contractor, Ronald also built a partnership with JIEDDO or Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization.. This organization has its base in Iraq as well as in the United States, and it’s the one responsible for providing the U.S. Army the exact data and information they need to know for any type of dismounted or mounted infantry operations in a combat zone.


Ronald is also the man responsible for instructing the U.S. Military Personell with all the tactical operations needed for quality operations. The CQB and Hostage Rescue modules that Ronald Fowlkes has prepared for the military proves itself to be effective in teaching how to do post-blast analysis, collection of data for analysis, and questioning for tactical purposes.


The thirteen years of law enforcement experience¬†of Ronald is also the foundation that he has in delivering the remarkable service that he constantly offers today. He got this experience working at the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, which consisted of about 13 years. In the St. Louis County Police Department, he worked there for 3 years. Since becoming the leader in the group he’s in, he’s been able to consistently grow his knowledge in tactical rifle, defensive tactics and other shooting techniquest that other instructors couldn’t seem to offer.


It’s also noteworthy to mention here that Ronald is able to hold the responsibility of all High-Risk Entries in the military, which involves training for various barricaded elements and hostage scenarios. Truly, Ronald is able to offer self-initiated investigations that help the enforcers resolve illegal possesion issues and trafficking of illegal materials in various communities.


Summary and Conclusion


Few are more competent in law enforcement today than Ronald Fowlkes. In this article, you learned some of the ways where Ronald has proven himself as the leader in service for the community.



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