Waiakea Water: Purity at its Best

Waiakea Water: Purity at its Best

Water is the most important element that you put into the human body. The body is made up of almost 90% water. With this in mind the quality of water is very important. It is the most basic part of everyday life but worth some real consideration. It is the very availability of good tasting drinking water is always on the forefront.

Everything we eat is comprised of the precious thing called water. It is the very essence of life. The human body cannot function without this valuable product that permits the very life blood to flow within us. It is the element that transfers the minerals and precious nutrients essential for survival. This wonderful working machine called the human body is dependent on water to eliminate waste matter.

In 2012, Ryan Emmons had a revelation during his stay in Hawaii. The water that he was drinking was refreshing, and there was something uniquely different about it. He set out to find the secret to this delicious water and sought to make it available to everyone. It is no secret because he found it on the Big Island of Hawaii. The beautiful location of this great water resource is the Mauna Loa volcano.

This volcano boasts a filtration process through thousands of feet of rich minerals enriching the water with the right pH balance. To be certified in Carbon Neutral is commendable because of the manufacturing process. Waiakea Water purity level goes beyond the normal because it is bottled different than the traditional process. Only 100 percent polyethylene is used which reduces carbon emissions.

Packaging is very important and Waiakea Water is careful to address this issue. This water comes from a sustainable resource. It has a higher percentage energy renewal rate. What could be better than a cool pure drink of Hawaiian Volcanic Water.

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