Why Real Estate Agent Tammy Mazzocco Is A Real Estate Success

Why Real Estate Agent Tammy Mazzocco Is A Real Estate Success

What does it take to be a success in the business world? You have to cultivate strong relationships with your colleagues and business partners. You also have to offer top notch service to your customers without fail, be able to keep up with the newest ways that exist to connect with customers, and you have to know how to mitigate your weaknesses with your strengths. When you do this it it will be possible to have the career that you want to have and you will be empowered to take your business to the level that you want it to get to. One business professional that has incorporated all of these factors into making her own career as a real estate agent a success is realtor Tammy Mazzocco. Mazzocco works for the Ohio-based real estate firm that is known as Judy Gang and Associates. The firm is located in Pickering, Ohio where Mazzocco lends her more than 20 years of experience helping Ohioans buy and sell their Homes to prospective buyers and sellers in the area. In a report by Trulia, she was recently recognized by Judy Gang and Associates for her excellence in real estate by being named the firm’s Agent of the Month in January of 2017. Mazzocco has cemented her success by building a strong relationship with her boss Judy Gang, who has served as mentor to her on her journey to be the best real estate agent she can possibly be.

Among the many keys to the success that Tammy has been able to achieve in the real estate industry are the principles of going the extra mile to build relationships with prospective customers and always holding her clients’ wants and needs in the highest esteem. In order to advertise her services as a real estate agent Tammy has created gift baskets that contain her contact information and asked permission to leave them in public spaces. She recommended this to other professionals looking to build their businesses and suggested following up to ask permission to refill the basket and accompany with information about the services being advertised on a monthly basis. Mazzocco also noted that she makes efforts to treat her client’s interests as though they were her own. In fact, according to Tammy, more than 80 percent of her business is made up of clients that either come back to her and clients who were referred to her by old clients.


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