William Saito discusses the need to be proactive in risk management

William Saito discusses the need to be proactive in risk management

One of the biggest mistakes that the world is making is thinking about cybersecurity as an afterthought when designing systems. This message is from William Saito, a cybersecurity expert. He frequently writes about cyber security through the main blogs around the world. In his articles, he stresses the need to have cybersecurity as an integral part of the technology. He relates 9/11, Fukushima and Y2K as some of the events which stressed the need for security. When the Fukushima tragedy happened, he was one of the people contracted by the government of Japan to do investigations into the case and report to the parliament. Throughout the investigation, he realized how small errors which were ignored ultimately led to a major disaster.


William Saito insists that IT security is not enough to minimize risk. There is more that is needed in terms of risk management. When Saito is analyzing a security issue, he looks ta the minor challenges which could be the bigger problem in the future. His work is to ensure that companies can spot these minor issues which can cause great harm in the future if not well taken care of at present. By taking part in the Fukushima investigations, William Saito learned something fundamental about risk-aware attitude.


Even if a tragedy does not occur, entities need to know how they can address a disaster. He insists that we should not sit pretty and only react when a disaster has taken place. There is nothing good about blaming the victims. Instead of blaming the victims, we should take a keen look into having control of everything at all times. Areas of weakness in an organization should be addressed before a disaster happens.


Organizations should not wait for damage to occur to react after. What happened to Sony Pictures, Hillary Clinton, and John Podesta is an excellent example of how people can be caught off-guard by a tragedy. Although in such cases the first thing to happen usually is heads rolling, William Saito believes that there are better measures that can be taken to deal with the challenges we see. By addressing the systematic weaknesses we see in organizations, we can protect them from large-scale hacking. The biggest cause of these tragedies according to William Saito is complacency. People think that no one would harm them, but in the process get harmed.





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