The Powerhouse that is Ryan Seacrest

The Powerhouse that is Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest is a multi-talented television personality and businessman. He moved to New York City last year to co-host “Live” with Kelly Ripa. Mr. Seacrest also produces top rated television shows and hosts a radio show. In addition, he has his own clothing and skin care lines. Mr. Seacrest is still getting adjusted to life in York City after relocating from Los Angeles. He’s very busy most days and has many jobs to juggle.

Ryan Seacrest starts his day like most hard working people. He has a cup of coffee. He also drinks a cup of his favorite matcha tea. Mr. Seacrest likes to stay current by watching a bit of television and reading. Then he heads to work. Staying fit is a big part of his life. He works out regularly with a trainer. His trainer travels with him on occasion so he can maintain his regimen. He does a variety of workouts including boxing and running.

Ryan Seacrest is a very disciplined person and knows his limits. He’s learned how to prioritize situations. He arranges his daytime schedule according to pressing issues. Decisions that need a lot of thought are tackled later in the day. He is very positive and upbeat in his dealings with people. Mr. Seacrest is health-conscious and mostly vegan, but he gets a lot of enjoyment from sharing a lavish meal and good bottle of wine. He admits to being a huge foodie.

Ryan Seacrest started his career in broadcasting by hosting a radio show on KYSR from 1995 to 2003. He also worked with Dick Clark for a few years and learned a lot about being a broadcaster/host from him. His current radio program, “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” airs on Los Angeles top 40 station KIIS-FM and is broadcast from a studio in Burbank, California. The show that really made him famous was American Idol. He started in 2002 as a co-host and continued with the show until it ended in 2016. Mr. Seacrest was a guest host on the “Live” show with Kelly Ripa after leaving Idol. He became a permanent host in April 2017.

According to the Men’s Journal, Mr. Seacrest also dabbles in the fashion and skincare industry. He has his own line of suits and skincare products. He partnered with a well known celebrity doctor, Harold Lancer, to create a line of skincare products called Polished by Dr. Lancer. The products include cleansing and shaving creams, a moisturizer, an anti-aging serum and a lip balm. His suit line is called “Ryan Seacrest Distinction” and is sold exclusively at Macy’s. The suits have a color-matching system that is designed to help customers match the suit with accessories and ties.

In addition to his many pursuits, Ryan Seacrest makes time for philanthropy. He established the Ryan Seacrest Foundation to help sick children. It’s a non-profit organization that uses entertainment and education to inspire youth. The foundation builds media centers within pediatric hospitals to help the healing process of children and their families.

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Susan McGalla is a Great Leadership Example

Susan McGalla is a Great Leadership Example

Since she began working, Susan McGalla always knew she wanted to do something to make a difference in the world around her. She felt good about the opportunities she had, but she knew they wouldn’t always last the way she wanted. Instead, she started focusing on how she could help other people and what they needed to keep getting better. There were so many times that she had to try things on her own. The experiences she had made it easy for her to show more people what they could get out of the situations. It was important to Susan McGalla to make sure she made the best decisions while she was giving back on her own. There were also times that she had to try things that would make a big difference for her.

Even though Susan McGalla knew things were sometimes hard for her, she had to try them on her own. She felt there were experiences other people had that would relate to the way she worked and the way she did business. She also felt she had to make things easier for people since she knew how. Susan McGalla always worked to give attention to the issues going on and felt she was the person for the job.

As long as Susan McGalla can continue showing people what they need, she’ll keep working in consulting. Most of her clients see her as someone who knows what they need to do and knows there are things that will continue getting better. By the way she works, she knows that everything can keep getting better. By the time she started doing business as a consultant, people could see the positive aspects of her own options.

It made sense for Susan McGalla to do things the right way. She always felt good about giving back and knew that giving back would make more sense for her while she was helping other companies. It was also something she felt passionate about because of the way she learned how to help people. Everything continues getting better since she started and people see her as the best person for the job. IT all goes back to the hard work she does and the work she puts into her consulting business. Things are better because of how hard she works. She enjoys doing things the right way so she can help other women become strong leaders.

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Paul Herdsman’s Formula For Balance

Paul Herdsman’s Formula For Balance

Paul Herdsman is an alumnus of Florida Atlantic University. He has used the knowledge that he used while working and in college to help start NICE Global. NICE Global was launched in 2014. Paul Herdsman is the Co founder and Chief Operating Officer of NICE Global. The company is based out of Jamaica. Paul herdsman chose Jamaica to be the home of NICE Global a nearshore business because he was born in the country.


When he decided to start the company, he was afraid because he had no knowledge of the industry in Jamaica. He knew about life in the country, but he knew nothing about business there. Paul Herdsman has accumulated so much success with NICE Global that he can work from another country.


The need for NICE Global was born out of the hassle that came along with trying to manage outsourcers from countries that were far apart and nowhere near easy to maintain because of the distance that was between the locations. Some of the sites included the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Philippines, India, and the United States. Paul Herdsman realized that managing all of the outsourcers was not beneficial. When Herdsman and his business partner decided to start NICE Global, they knew that it would be more profitable than trying to run multiple locations.


NICE Global being located in Jamaica has allowed Paul Herdsman to establish balance in his life. He spends time in his office making sure that the work he is doing is creating results. He knows that being busy won’t yield his results. Herdsman spends time working towards results and balance in his life. He gets ideas and implements them ion the office. When he leaves the office, he makes sure to create time for his family although he may have other things to do. Herdsman thrives off of balance. Go To This Page for more information about his interview with IdeaMensch.


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The Truth About Freedom Checks

The Truth About Freedom Checks

Summary of “How to Get Your Cut of $34.6 Billion in Freedom Checks”

Earlier this year the tax plan was passed by the government, which is good news for both companies and regular taxpayers. For companies, it means that they will have more tax breaks. For many taxpayers, it means they will be given part of $34.5 billion the government pays out in August. All that these taxpayers need to have done is adhere to a specified investment strategy. How much they will get will depend on how much they invested. This investment strategy is known as Freedom Checks. To take advantage of these payouts, participants must have been positioned in the plan by July 1.

Company’s who have had at least 90 percent of their revenue derived from transportation, storage, and processing and production of natural resources, must distribute its revenue to stakeholders in the form of Freedom Checks. This distribution is necessary for the company to be considered a tax-free entity. This year the oil company is expected to do extremely well that the distribution given to their stakeholders is estimated to be about $34.6 billion. All individuals of all age levels were eligible to take part in this particular investment program, with only as little as $10 required to participate.

Summary of “What are Freedom Checks and is the whole thing legit?”

In the past few months, there has been much said on the radio about what is called Freedom Checks, a purported government program that gives company stakeholders access to part of a $34.6 billion payout. There has been much concern that it is nothing more than a scam. Although there has been a lot of praise for it online by various reviewers, an investigation has shown that the majority of the time these reviewers have a financial interest in getting people to sign up. Behind the whole thing is a man named Matt Badiali. While his system is not a scam, he and all of his “reviewers” make it sound much better than it actually is.

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Compound Interested in Igor Cornelsen

Compound Interested in Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen was born on October 4, 1947 in Brazil. He is an investment manager and presently owns his own firm. He has overseen operations at his firm since 1995. Igor studied engineering at The Federal University of Panara in 1965. While there he shifted his focus towards economics after two years into his studies. He graduated from the school in 1970 and began working at the investment bank Multibanco. His knowledge of numbers and calculating served him well. Within four years working there he would be promoted to Multibanco’s Board of Directors. Then two years after that he became CEO of the investment bank.

Igor Cornelsen remained progressive and after MultiBanco was purchased by Bank of America he relocated his efforts to Unibanco. This company was another leader in the Brazilian investment firm industry. He is thankful for the knowledge he attained while studying in school. This is what he believes has given him the premise for so many opportunities. The advice Igor mentioned that he would give to his younger self would be to rely on the news and factual events instead of peers in the market. He would also express that ideology and investments do not go well with one another. Following his mind has proven this to be true he mentions. Everyone’s path is not the same and following someone else’s actions will not have the same outcome for you.

Doing that can set you back really far. His understanding for intelligent investing continues to help an abundance of people. Cornelsen has spoken publicly numerous of times elaborating his point of views on investment approaches and various other topics. Market and currency exchange conditions in other countries is another branch of the investment tree that he is familiar with. Providing previous analytics backing up his investment advice gives those he works with comfort. His personal tribulations as an investor has assisted him in providing insightful information in regards to the topic.

Peter Briger, the Investment Principal at Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger, the Investment Principal at Fortress Investment Group

Together with Randall Nardone, Peter Briger founded the Fortress Investment Group. He has been in office since March 2002. Briger was later elected as co-chairperson of the company in August 2009. In the principals’ docket, he is in charge of the Credit and Real Estate segment at Fortress Investment Group. Before his appointment at Fortress Investment Group, Peter Briger served at Goldman Sachs and Co. for 15 years. He became a partner at Fortress in 1996. He also worked at the Tipping Point. The Tipping Point is a low-revenue company that takes care of families in the San Francisco suburbs. Peter Briger also serves as a board member of Caliber Schools.

The schools represent charter institutions that enable students to go to summits that prepare them for enrollment into good colleges and universities. Briger pursued a Bachelor of Arts from Princeton University. He continued to pursue a Master of Arts from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. During his tenure at Goldman Sachs, Peter Briger joined hands with Asian Management, Global Control and Compliance. He also made networks with the Japanese Executive councils. Together, they majored in real estate and offering car loans to the populace. Briger’s experience in the financial services industry was a major asset for the success of the company’s deal to purchase the Japanese Softbank. He is also an associate of the Princeton University Investment Company.

As the co-founder and principal at Fortress Investment Group, Briger incubated the handover of the firm’s shares to Softbank. The forum aimed at raising close to $2 billion. However, such details were not meant for the public ear. The company is now targeting $5 billion as it opens doors to the low-income earners. The primary objective of Fortress Investment Group is to generate high profits and raise the living standards of the low-income earners. Fortress has a niche for mergers and acquisitions. For instance, the Softbank merger by the firm has been the best in the last two decades. Also, the firm is equipped with staff that is knowledgeable in matters concerning the financial markets. Fortress mobilizes capital through debt and equity markets. Meet Pete Briger: A Titan in the Investment and Finance World

The DAMAC Owner and His UAE Empire

The DAMAC Owner and His UAE Empire

Hussain Sajwani grew from his experiences helping his father in the family variety store during after school hours. The hours were long and he kept telling his father that being a businessman just wasn’t his cup of tea. He would rather be a professional so he would not have to work so many hours.

As things turned out, he became a businessman, just like his father, only thousands of times more successful. Sajwani is the founder and DAMAC owner, a Dubai real estate development company that builds and manages properties from Dubai, London, Paris, and many other points in the Middle East.

Sajwani seized the opportunity when the powers that be in the UAE allowed investors from outside of the Emirates to purchase property and live there. He was a great promoter of his very luxurious apartments, condos, and resorts. He emphasized, “A New Bently for Each Luxury Apartment.” Lately, he has even partnered with Donald Trump before Trump was elected President of the United States in Trump Golf Courses and resorts.

In an article from Ebizine, it says that Sajwani has been judicious in his business operations by paying cash only for land. That way no one can ever fully foreclose on him and he will always have a place to rebuild if necessary. He also keeps separate accounting and bank accounts for each property so it stands on its own financially. He also maintains adequate cash reserves, held in bond just in case of market downturns which occur occasionally.

Sajwani has properties all over the UAE, other Middle Eastern countries, as well as in London and Paris. His company is looking at other countries in which to expand such as Saudi Arabia in the Riyadh and Jeddah areas as prime targets. He is also placing family members in key management areas as their talents allow in order to keep the company in the family as it grows.

Sajwani’s musings as a schoolboy did not quite work out except by becoming an entrepreneur he has in a sense become a professional as well. Sajwani is involved in many civic and city planning endeavors as his reputation for quality and city changing properties are apparent. Sajwani also tries to give back by donating to needy children.

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Matt Badiali Sheds More Light on Freedom Checks

Matt Badiali Sheds More Light on Freedom Checks

Matt Badiali Sheds More Light on Freedom Checks

Freedom Checks is the name of one of the most trending topics in the world of investment. In a promotional video by Matt Badiali of Banyan Hill Publishing Company – the company that sponsors the Freedom Checks – investors around the US would collect an upward sum of 34.6 billion dollars in Freedom Checks. As he explains, these checks are not government issued as claimed by competitor businesses. In fact, investors can make monthly payments from the checks that exceed government-sponsored programs such as social security. Read more about Matt on

It is indeed unfortunate that companies known for succeeding by setting false propagations against their competitors are using this platform to sway the markets. But this isn’t an issue to seasoned investors like Badiali. Nevertheless, setting red flags raises the concerns and fear among novice investors or entrepreneurs planning to try their fortune in the investment industry.

With the confusing information peddled around relating to the Freedom Checks, it is crucial for investors to learn how the checks work. The first step, as Matt Badiali stresses in the Real Wealth Strategist newsletter of Banyan Hill Publishing, is to understand the idea behind these checks. Consequently, investors cannot expect to receive Freedom Checks before grasping this background knowledge.

The general concern in the investing community is how a company can be willing to distribute such hefty sums of money with little investment. Notably, investors poised to receive the checks have invested at most $10 with the company. But the ground for these free distributions was laid nearly two decades ago. By then, the US had ramped up her production of oil to meet the reduced importation of natural gas from the Middle East. This development made the local master limited partnerships reap handsome profits. In fact, Matt Badiali notes that some MLPs would gain up to nearly 40,000%! With such enormous gains, it is to see why the companies are ready to distribute hefty cash.

As an expert in oil investment, Matt Badiali notes that MLPs must make regular payment distributions apart from having a minimum of 1 billion US dollars in asset value. The editor of Banyan Hill states that his mission is to help as many investors as possible to grow their wealth base. Thus, he is confident that the issuance of the billions in Freedom Checks will help with his mission. Learn more:



Relieve Pain Mother Nature’s Way With Heal And Soothe

Relieve Pain Mother Nature’s Way With Heal And Soothe

Joint pain sufferers find themselves masking pain with dangerous pills that must be taken regularly. Once the pill wears off, the pain still exists. The constant consumption of pain relievers can be dangerous to the normal health of the body.


Heal and Soothe is mother nature’s way of relieving pain by using systemic enzymes combined with twelve natural products. Being an all-natural product, it has many health benefits for the body. Heal and Soothe provides the body with the proteolytic enzyme needed to help it heal itself without the need for harmful, dangerous drugs. The Systemic Enzymes in Heal and Soothe has been used in many other countries for over fifty years with much success in the healing of joint pain and injuries.


Heal and Soothe is a product that works on every system and organ in the entire body. It helps body parts to operate and works more on those parts that are dependent on other specific parts to work. The enzymes in the body are the major defense mechanisms in the body that ward off inflammation. Enzymes reduce some of the inflammation in the body by neutralizing the bio chemicals in inflammation to a level that will regenerate and repair injured tissue. Heal and Soothe Systemic Enzymes can have an impact on improved health issues such as heart health, the prevention of some cancers, and other health issues. The product can even help the speed of recovery from strains, sprains, contusions, and other inflammatory ailments. View More Information Here.


Heal and Soothe contains twelve natural ingredients that work together with the systemic enzymes. These ingredients include Tumeric Extract, Bromelain, Papain, Broswella Extract, Rutin, Mojave Yucca Root, Ginger Extract, Devil’s Claw, Citrus Bioflavanoinds, and Proteolytic Systemic Enzymes. This combination of natural ingredients in Heal and Soothe provide the body with a self-healing result from the inflammation of joint pain, or any bodily injury that causes severe joint and muscle pain. Simply put, Heal N Soothe get these Mother Nature’s Natural Painkillers against your pain.


There is no need to become dissatisfied with drugs that only mask joint pain, only to have it returning a short time afterward. Heal and Soothe will help the body heal with the proteolytic enzyme it needs to recover.



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Advocating for the fair treatment of all

Advocating for the fair treatment of all

At the exact moment, U.S. District Judge Susan R. Bolton was validating a pardon granted to Joe Arpaio it became a moment of reflection of how low we had sunk. The sheriff who had been accused of saw many ills while in office was about to walk away scot-free just because he was a vocal supporter of the president and had an immigration outlook that mirrored that of the president. This would mark a turning point for Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey.

For them it was not hearsay, but rather a first hand experience of how bad the sheriff abused power. He had over the six-term period a law enforcement office into a place where crimes committed in the department went unsolved, inmate suicide soared and money was consistently being misappropriated. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

The pardon was the only way that Arpaio would evade jail time and this in itself came with a lot of questions from residents of Maricopa who knew better. The sheriff had been very vocal when it came to supporting trump and his skewed immigration policy that the sheriff had for long favored. The sheriff was very fast at targeting the Hispanic community and would do anything possible to get a member of the community deported.

In fact, he was an adherent support of the Build a wall policy. The misuse of funds by the sheriff at some point making real estate purchases that were questionable was also a point of concern for the two. Eventually, the sheriff could not take the scrutiny any longer and decided to arrest the two on trumped-up charges. This would count as one of the turning points of the sheriff’s career.

He began a downward spiral from that point, and it was not long after that he was rejected at the ballot by Maricopa residents. The sheriff would later require a presidential pardon following a guilty verdict for ignoring court orders. The sheriff had in the past executed an illegal arrest that was in clear violation of the first amendment rights.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin had become targets of the sheriff and it was this personal grudge that would eventually cost the county 3.75 million dollars. The settlement, however, marked the birth of another fighter the Frontera fund. This fund has been very instrumental within Maricopa, Arizona and the larger America when it comes to fighting for the rights of the Latino community.

The Frontera Fund continues to join hands with forward-looking organizations that are committed to fair treatment and justice for all. This includes the Human right watch which is an organization established in 1978 that employs about four hundred staff members to promote human rights worldwide.

Amnesty International USA they have over three hundred thousand supporters and members in the country and continually advocates for the rights of all. In America it has been especially vocal on illegal detention both in America and among those arrested in war zones like Iran.

Alliance for Open Society International, Inc this is an organization dedicated towards the enhancement of democracy all over the world.

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