Betsy DeVos: For The People Or For Herself?

Betsy DeVos: For The People Or For Herself?

Can a person really be defined in simply one light or another? Perhaps if you are asking people about their opinion of Mrs. Betsy DeVos they would tell you “yes”. It seems that everyone has a strong opinion of the woman one way or the other.


She is someone who is both currently involved in politics, and someone who has been in that arena for a very long time now. Her involvement has of course made her more or less a divisive character. As such, it is up to each person to decide what she really is to them.


DeVos hails from a very wealthy family. Her family’s wealth helped her build out her own business empire, and before long she was able to make herself into a billionaire. It does help to have that kind of money behind you when you are pushing for any particular social, political, or economic issue. She doesn’t flaunt the money though, but rather uses it constructive to accomplish the things she wants to see done.


Ask any random person on the street about Betsy DeVos, and they will most likely point to her work for charter school access for children. Not only has she been on the board for school choice committees, but she has always strived for the goal of having access to charter schools for more children for practically her entire life. She has always wanted to see more of those youngsters get the chance to experience what those particular schools are like. She really believes that they provide a higher quality education in the vast majority of cases.


It is quite clear that DeVos intends to use at least some of her power as the Secretary of Education to push for more school choice programs. She has already proven successful at this on some level. The latest GOP tax reform bill did include a stipulation that allows for parents to now have a savings plan that doesn’t just have to be used for the cost of higher education, but can actually be used towards paying for a private K-12 education as well. Some say that this is really not that big of a change, but for those who believe in access to private education, this is a very big move indeed. It might not equate to much on a monetary level right at this very moment, but it does open the door to more of these type of expansions into the future.¬†Learn more:¬†


DeVos has been instrumental in getting some regulations changed to get more access for children of all income status families the right to get into charter and private schools. You don’t have to agree with her moves to understand that they are significant. She is surely one of the most impactful Secretaries of Education in a very long time.

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