HCR Wealth Advisors Is Your Money Advisor

HCR Wealth Advisors Is Your Money Advisor

The single most defining cornerstone when it comes to wealth management is the relationship between the advisor and the client.  This is a relationship that should be based on trust, communication, and transparency.  HCR Wealth Advisors is a wealth management firm that focuses on cultivating strong, trusted business relationships with their clients. It’s a hard-working firm focused on offering investment and financial strategies to their clientele. HCR Wealth Advisors prime directive is to cultivate and maintain strong relationships while formulating financial planning to help their clients not only meet but surpass their projected, tangible goals. It would seem that the customer comes first at HCR Wealth Advisors.

Clients Come First

HCR Wealth Advisors serves in the capacity as an independent wealth advisor who is to serve their clients. This client-centric firm is more than just an organization that merely provides various financial products at the traditional brokerage house or controlling company.

HCR Wealth Advisors is transparent and upfront about the fees it charges its clients. There’s typically only a single fee that HCR Wealth Advisors charges to its clients and that fee is a percentage off the client’s assets that HCR Wealth Advisors handles. The fee HCR Wealth Advisors charges is comparable to its competitors in the wealth management industry. By being transparent with the fee, it helps to solidify a relationship of trust with current and potential clients and it eliminates any questions about hidden fees. HCR Wealth Advisors believes that transparency is the only way that it can build and maintain a strong working relationship with its clients.

Relationships Are Elevated Over Performance

One thing to take note of is that HCR Wealth Advisors is a wealth advisor and not a money manager and there is a big difference between the two. Money managers, simply just disperse assets that are based on performance, choosing stocks and bonds with the hope that these investment vehicles will outperform the market. Unfortunately, it’s the same old cliche when it comes to money managers, promise way too much and may not deliver on the promise. So, if that underperforming, horrible day comes, and the client comes to the realization that they have paid for a service based on empty promises and are left wondering why they are paying for a service to help them lose their money. It’s clear that this method of doing businesses is outdated and in most cases never truly serves the customers wants and needs.

On the other hand, as a wealth advisor HCR Wealth Advisors takes an all-encompassing approach to making an effort to get to know all of their clients in order to make relationship-oriented decisions. Relationship-oriented decisions are different from performance-based decisions, this means HCR Wealth Advisors takes the time to truly glean the client’s goals and information and take into consideration events that might change the client’s financial position and their current financial portfolio. Greg Heller, HCR Wealth Advisors’ CEO and founder, stated that they are best in the position of making sure that they do everything that they can to gain the necessary knowledge about their clients.

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