Wes Edens’ Brightline Train Revolutionizes Travel Around South Florida

Wes Edens’ Brightline Train Revolutionizes Travel Around South Florida

Wes Edens has actively participated in the boundless success that the Fortress Investment Group has enjoyed since its establishment in 1998. He is one of the three co-founders of the alternative investment firm.

He recently made headlines with the acquisition of the Brightline train in Florida. The train offers regular services throughout the year with exceptions during the holidays when the schedule is slightly altered. The train’s engine is powered by biodiesel that takes into account the safety of the environment. The architects were sourced from the Rockwell Group.

The ride has two different coaches that passengers can choose from. It also has unlimited access to wifi that guarantees an entertaining ride for each client. USB and power outlets are available on every seat. Passengers can enjoy meals on the tray tables. Wes Edens had in mind a fulfilling ride as Select Service ticket holders are served with snacks and beverages.

Discounts are available for veterans, children under 12 years as well as seniors. Clients with pets have nothing to worry about. Given his desire to offer the very best, Wes Edens made a point to provide ultra-modern facilities for the Brightline train. South Florida commuters have everything to smile about with the new services.

The train has made the trip between Fort Lauderdale and Miami less taxing. Gridlocks within South Florida took most of the blame for the time one spent on the road. With the Brightline train, passengers get to their destination in slightly over 30 minutes. Passengers part with 10 dollars for the one-way trip with the Premium ticket costing only 5 dollars more.

Wes Edens has set his sights on offering the travel services to states all over the country. Chicago and Miami have already been earmarked for their expansion plans.

Wes Edens was a finance student at Oregon State University. Upon graduation he joined BlackRock Asset Investors before moving to Lehman Brothers. He doubled up as the MD and partner at the two firms. It was on the back of this experience that he joined hands with Randall Nardone and Rob Kaufman to bring FIG to life. When Softbank acquired Fortress in the beginning of the year, he kept his position as a principal.

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